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    You berries are the best! All the PP's have very similar taste to me! Magnolia was actually DH's suggestion (his style) and I wasn't sure whether it was too clunky, goofy or unwearable. June was something I have liked as a FN, but DH wasn't sure about. This may actually be a perfect compromise. You all were very convincing and I've been rolling it over and over in my mind - I like the nickname possibilities, Maggie, Nola or Noli (as someone suggested) or even MJ. I think I've fallen in love with it!

    Thanks for all the great suggestions - sarahmezz, I agree Isla and Iris are probably too much of a tongue twister although it's another name I've loved and I couldn't quite give it up. And ashleyjuliette - great suggestions! Hazel and Ivy were actually both on my long list but vetoed by DH. Annie is another good suggestion.

    I also agree that Eleanor Mae is slightly boring.. I want to love Eleanor (DH does and this would be his #1 pic) but I just find it kind of plain, as are the nicknames - and haven't found a first/ middle combo that makes it sing.

    re: Clementine, this is another one of DH's faves, but I had never heard of the nn Minnie, only Clem which I HATE. May have to re-think it!

    Not a huge fan of Henrietta - I love the nn Hattie, but not sure it is a stand alone - Harriet Mae nn Hattie Mae has been another frontrunner for a while! I think Isla Rose and Hattie Mae is adorable. I love the double names, but it has been a little bit of a pain - everyone wants to shorten it to just Isla, and since she doesn't have another middle name (we thought it would be simpler) she gets called by first only at Drs, pharmacy, school, etc because that is what is on the official paperwork. Not sure we want to go through the double name pain of having to correct everyone again.

    Are the lengths of Isla Rose and Magnolia too discordant?

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    I've seen the name, or nickname, Nolle recently...kind of cute.

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