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    Magnolia June (Maggie?) - stunning
    Carolina Mae - it's OK, Mae seems a bit boring here
    Eleanor Mae -it's nice, it's not exciting though. Eleanora Mabel, Lenora Mae or similar is much more spunky
    Josephine (Josie) Amelia - nice
    Josephine Dell - no
    Iris Elizabeth - lovely, so so lovely. But Isla and Iris will be a big mouthful!
    Hattie/ Harriett Mae - lovely
    Harriet Elizabeth - This was my favourite combo for a long time! I love it
    Carys Elizabeth - nice
    Virginia Elizabeth - don't like Virginia
    Helen Amelia - eh
    Helena Pearl - think I had this on my list at one stage too. LOVE IT
    Helena June - also lovely.

    Eleanor June
    Clementine Mae (Minnie Mae!)
    Daphne Elizabeth
    Mabel Harriet
    Carys Lillian
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    William Dougal, Rupert Theodore and my GP Augustin Sage

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    Vaughn, Sterling, Samson, Sage, Rupert, Hugo, August, Stellan, Dougal, Sydney, Theodore, William

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    I love Iris Elizabeth, although I'm biased. I also like Magnolia June and Eleanor Mae. Can I make a suggestion? I think Josephine Pearl is stunning.
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    Magnolia & Iris are my fav from your list!
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    Those are lovely choices. I have to agree with the other posters, my favorite is Magnolia June!
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    Another vote for Magnolia June. Gorgeous! I love Josephine and Harriet as well. Do you like Henrietta nn Hattie or Hettie?
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