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    Thanks everyone, i'm really glad you like it! I am seriously surprised by him, i can assure you that it is totally out of character for him to sit around thinking up great baby names! After a bit more discussion, it turns out he likes the name Coralie because it makes him think of the ocean, which has played a huge part in his life, and our dd's name (Juniper) makes him think of the earth, to which i replied "what have you done to my husband" and "is there rum in that tea you're drinking?" (there wasn't)! And Susannah is a name that he remembers me saying once and its "ok" - thats more like it. Still, i think hes nailed it! And i really like it with Juniper.

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    I love it! The combo is gorgeous, and I love coralie with juniper (and the meaning behind them). Perfection!

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    That would be a beautiful combo!
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    You are sooo lucky! Coralie and Susannah are both loves of mine but not so much to my husband.
    Coralie Susannah is a stunning name! All the best with TTC

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    Juniper and Coralie are wonderful sister names. I'm so happy that you found something you both love!

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