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Thread: ~Band Members~

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    ~Band Members~

    Choose a band/music group, Google their first names and middle names if you don't know them, and then say whether you like the names or not and why!

    Band: Little Mix
    ~ Jessica "Jesy" Louise: Jessica is my name so I'm a bit biased! I like it, and I think Jesy is a unique way of spelling Jessie. I think it's a better nickname than Jess. Louise is so overused as a middle name! Jessica Louise flows nicely though.
    ~ Perrie Louise: I think Perrie's a terrible name. Just makes me think of the alcoholic drink. Not very feminine either. And again with the overused middle name!
    ~ Jade Amelia: I really like Jade, very pretty. And Amelia is okay too. I'd prefer if the names were switched - Amelia Jade. Just seems to flow better in my opinion!
    ~ Leigh-Anne: Not a fan of double-barreled first names. And don't like either Leigh or Anne. Leah is prettier.

    Your go!
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    Band: The Wanted

    Thomas Anthony *Tom*: I love Thomas! I prefer the nn Massey to Tom but Anthony flows nicely. He has an older brother Lewis.
    Maximillian Alberto *Max*: Quite a mouthful. I love Max but prefer Maxwell to Maximillian and I don't like Alberto at all. He has an older brother Jack.
    Siva Stephen Michael: I feel like Siva Stephen is too much of the same sound. It's a very ethnic name. I always felt bad for him and his twin Kumar because they have six older siblings whose names are common English names: Gail, Hazel, David, Daniel, Kelly, and Trevor.
    James Kevin *Jay*: classic name. prefer Jameson nn Jamie over James nn Jay but he is my favorite of the band. He has a twin named Tom and an older brother Luke and a younger brother Sean and a little sister Eleanor.
    Nathan James: love it! I prefer Nathan Thomas but Nathan James is nice too. He has a younger sister Jessica
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    Victoria Caroline - Classic and beautiful!
    Melanie Janine - Love Melanie! Janine is okay. Too much of that "ni" sound.
    Melanie Jayne - Cute! Jayne with a y makes it funky.
    Emma Lee - I'd prefer Emma Leigh.
    Geraldine Estelle - Very pretty!
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    Liam James - Kind of hard to say out loud, but it's nice. I lke the name Liam.
    Harry Edward - I never liked the name Edward, but Harry is cool.
    Niall James (prn. NYE-ull) - Really cool. I prefer this pronunciation of Niall to the pronunciation Nameberry has.
    Louis William (prn. like Louie) - A little hard to say out loud with the repeating "w" sound, but I love the name Louis!
    Zayn Javaad - Interesting. I like it.

    (I'm a really big fan of this band. I actually didn't even have to look up the names. LOL)
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    Mark Allan - LOVE Mark (though I think I only love the name Mark BECAUSE of this Mark . . .) and plan on using it. Allan is a little to "dad-name" for me.
    Thomas Matthew - Both classically popular names. I like Matthew more than Thomas, but would use Thomas on a future little boy
    Travis Landon - This names seems to ahead-of-the-times for his age, which is kind of cool. Unfortunately though I'm not a fan of either name.

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