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Thread: ~Band Members~

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    ~ Pharrell: Wouldn't be a fan of the name if it wasn't for this particular Pharrell. He's definitely stolen the name and, in my opinion, has made it unusable for any other child! I think it's quite handsome.
    ~ Charles "Chad" Edward: Charles is okay, love the nickname Charlie. And I love Edward. They flow nicely together. But his nickname, Chad, fits him perfectly and is a nice mix of the 'ch' from Charles and the 'd' in Edward.
    ~ Sheldon "Shay": Sheldon just makes me think of The Big Bang Theory TV show, and so I think that Shay is a nice nickname to 'get rid' of that association.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jessicalucy View Post
    My boyfriend is exactly the same! He is obsessed with Blink and loves the name Mark because "IT'S MARK HOPPUS AND HE'S AMAZING" haha!
    Woot! I'm glad I'm not the only one who's insane! My fiance and I both idolize Hoppus as a musician so it only seems fitting to name a kid after him! (though the fact that it would be Mark Thomas is a complete coincidence.... haha!)

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    1. Alexander William -- very original, I love the name Alexander and William is a favorite.

    2. Robert Rian -- Robert is not a favorite, but he goes by Rian anyway (he must agree with me). Rian is a fun, unique spelling of Ryan! Me gusta!

    3. Zachary Steven -- Love Zachary, hate Steven.

    4. Jack Bassam -- Love Jack, hate Bassam.

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