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Thread: ~Band Members~

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    Band : All Time Low

    Alexander William : I love both the names Alexander and William. They are so classic. Together it's just perfect.
    Jack Bassam : Jack is such a simple and perfect name. Bassam in interesting....
    Robert Rian : I hate the name Robert. I don't know why. I love the name Rian thought especially the spelling.
    Zachary Steven : I love the name Zachary. It holds a special place in my heart. Not a huge fan of Steven though. Like it together!
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    Dennis DeYoung - I had a fling with the name Dennis a while back...I got over it after my friends thought I was saying 'dentist.'
    Glen Burtnik - Glen isn't bad...Definitely not a name I'd consider, but I wouldn't think it was weird if I met a kid with that name.
    John Curulewski - Not a fan of John.
    Tommy Shaw - I actually really like Thomas nn Tom...So...
    Lawrence Gowan - It isn't bad. I like Lewis better.
    James Young - I actually really like James.
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    depends on the day and the book...
    Band: Paramore

    Hayley Nichole Williams - No. Just, no. Not a fan of Hayley... It's way too overused and I'd prefer something more like Lily. Nichole just seems to me like one of those go-to middle names when the parents can't think of anything else (Right along with Marie, etc.).

    Jeremy Clayton Davis - I've never really cared for Jeremy but I guess it's a nice name. I like Jeremy Clayton quite alot but Clayton seems to sound a bit odd with Davis. I like this much better than Hayley Nichole, however.

    Taylor Benjamin York - I like this best out of the three. Even though the names are very common, they are nice. I like this especially because I prefer Taylor for a boy rather than a girl.
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    Band - Good Charlotte

    Joel Rueben Madden - Joel is another of my favourites but don't expect it in my top 10. I do like it as it is a great one syllable name for a person like me that wants 2 middle names and one name to be a one syllable. Rueben is a friends's name so it's in the neutral area for me; Don't hate or love it.

    Benjamin Levi Madden - While Benjamin is a favourite name it is not in the top 6 combos if you asked for my top 8 you would find Benjamin as a first name as #7. Levi is the name of my brother so I may be abit biased when I say I like it quite alot.

    William Dean "Billy" Martin - William is a great name with a great meaning and adorable NN's like Billy, Liam or Will. Dean is another one syllable (like Joel) I do like this name alot and I like the combo Benjamin Nolan Dean.

    Paul Anthony Thomas - I'm not a huge fan of Paul but I have heard worse. Anthony is a nice name with a very sweet meaning and I like the NN Tony.

    Christopher Ryan Wilson (ex drummer) - Christopher apart from being the little boy on "Winnie the Pooh" is also my brother's name. I am not a person that opposes the running letters (R ending then R start) I love the name Ryan it is spunky and the meaning is great! What little boy wouldn't love his name meaning "King"?

    Can't find middle names for

    Dean Butterworth (Current drummer) - See Above.

    Joshua Freese (ex drummer) - I'm not a fan of this name not because of looks but more experience. I know it is bad to not like the name and say that every "Joshua" is bad just because I've met a few that were bad. But it has just put me off the name.

    Aaron Escolopio (ex/original drummer) - Aaron is a handsome and masculine name it is a favourite of mine but it is not in my top 10.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jess0044 View Post
    Mark Allan - LOVE Mark (though I think I only love the name Mark BECAUSE of this Mark . . .)
    My boyfriend is exactly the same! He is obsessed with Blink and loves the name Mark because "IT'S MARK HOPPUS AND HE'S AMAZING" haha!
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