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Thread: Billie? Bobbi?

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    Billie? Bobbi?

    I asked my husband yesterday what he thought of Sybil with the nickname Billie. Sybil, he said, makes him think of multiple personalities thanks to the book, but he added, "Why not just use Billie? It's kind of cute." I'm stunned that he likes just Billie; I was going to wait until we are actually pregnant to try that option on him! It has actually been on my list for quite a while. I feel like it needs a middle name that can be said together with the first name in daily usage. Billie Jo and Billie Jean come to mind of course, though I don't consider the latter usable in light of the popular MJ song. I love Billie Rose, but Rose is not an option for me in reality. My only other idea is Billie Beatrix; "Billie Bea" is fun for short, or we could just use the full, quirky "Billie Beatrix" daily. Other ideas? Opinions? I got the idea from the children's novel Out of the Dust, in which the main character is a little girl named Billie Jo in the 1930s, if that helps shape your image of the name.

    Along the same lines, I love Bobbi, possibly even more than Billie, but I can't decide if it's usable for me. I had a very sweet, adorable nurse named Bobbi in the hospital, but those are just memories of a bad time, no matter how nice she was. I can't decide if the association is strong enough to strike Bobbi off my name list, because another woman named Bobbi made my wedding cake and that just might balance out the bad memories. Bobbi feels slightly more substantial and usable than Billie to me. I'd love to hear your thoughts on both.
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    I love Bobbie as a nn for Roberta.
    You could also use Billie as a nn for a William related girls name. Wilhelmina, Willa ect.

    There is also a Janet Evanovich & Charlotte Hughes book in which the romanic heroine's name is Billie. "Full House" I think. she might be in the rest of the books from the "Full..." series. (Though I'm not quite sure since I'm usually overwhelmed and in desperate need of cheap, easy thrills when I read her books. lol.)
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    I like Billie a lot. Billie Mae perhaps? Super sweet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by svea View Post
    Billie Mae perhaps?
    Great suggestion, but it would never work in America. A famous TV advertiser Billy Mays passed away a few years ago and everybody knew his name. :/ Billie Mae would have been cute, too--Mae is part of my grandma's double-barrel name.

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    I'm not normally a huge fan of nicknames as full names, but I do think Billie is cute as a nickname for Elizabeth. If you do use Billie as a double name, I'd try to steer away from Billie Jo or Billie Jean because they seem a little cliché. Billie Catherine nn Billie Kate or Billie Clair seem like nice combos.

    If you like Billie on its own I love combos like:

    Billie Abigail
    Billie Annabelle
    Billie Caroline

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