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    depends on the day and the book...
    I live in Colonial America with my husband Quincey in our home:

    We have six beautiful children; three boys and three girls:
    Edward Dennis (Eddie; 15), Henry James (Harry; 15), Cassandra Violet (Cassie; 13), Emily Josephine (Emmy; 11), Tobias Leopold (Toby; 8) & Georgina Lucille (Georgie; 5)
    Lovely Ladies: Astrid. Eulalia. Florence. Mae. Thisbe.
    Fine Fellows: Atticus. Eliot. Gideon. Tobias. Quincey.

    {crushing on Zephyrine "Zephie" & Leon}

    mommy to feline furbaby Beatrice Evangeline Rose and her babies Claudia & Cordelia =^.^=

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    My name is Vida Tallulah Holden and my husband is Levi Daniel Holden. We live outside London in the year 2037. We met through a mutual friend eighteen years ago. We married five years later, on the 1st of may 2024, and had a cute little garden wedding with our closest family members and friends present.

    Three years after our wedding, on December 2nd, 2027 I gave birth to our son.
    We named him: Jex Morrissey Holden

    Four years later, we had our first daughter. She was born on the 13th of December, 2031.
    We named her: Zora Mireille Holden

    Our third, and final child was also a girl. She was born February 14th, 2035.
    We named her: Bronte Isadora Holden

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