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    Beatrice is the prettiest so far!
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    Born September 2013

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    Esmeralda and Esmerelda I just don't like. Not sure why.

    I agree that Bridget Emerald is about as subtle as a leprechaun drinking Guinness. LOL!

    I am trepidatious about using Emerald as a first. It's beautiful but it's so distinctive, striking, unusual and associated with a particular color and object that I feel like it would be defining and restrictive in a sense. Not necessarily in a bad way. I just think I'd prefer a first name that would be beautiful and uncommon, but give her more versatility.

    Also- I'm not crazy about Emmy. :-) Or Emma. Or Em. So there's that.

    Right now I think I love Beatrice Emerald, and I'm just gonna luxuriate in the name love. :-)

    Thanks to all of your for your many gorgeous and creative suggestions. Y'all never fail to delight and surprise.

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    Okay, I guess I agree - Bridget Emerald may be a bit too Irish, but I do think it is charming.
    Beatrice Emerald is beautiful!
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    Instead of Cassandra,what about cassia.
    Cassia emerald is very striking

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