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    Hit me with some girl name opinions and suggestions!

    These are some that have been on my mind. Now that Elizabeth MIGHT be out, these are possible contenders. I am pretty committed to using Emerald somewhere in the combo.

    Claire - I never cared much for this until I just started watching the series Heroes and it's such a great name on the spunky invincible cheerleader. It's elegant but vital. But is it overdone?

    Amanda - I can't explain why but I like this. I know it's 80s but that means its kind of off the radar and unusual for babies being born now. Wdyt?

    Bridget - St. Brighid is my patroness. And I love the nn Jet.

    Eve - dh doesn't care for it but I could work on him

    January - I'm afraid it's OTT paired with Emerald

    Cassandra - any nn besides Cass, Cassie, Sandra?

    Miranda - boring? Dated?

    Any other suggestions as a first or middle with Emerald?

    Thanks, all!
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    I like Claire and Cassandra. I had a roommate in college named Cassidy and I used to call her Cassafrass.
    How do you feel about Beatrice nn Betty?
    or how about these saints names:
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    I love Bridget and Miranda. I'm not too sure if they go with Emerald.

    I'd love to see Amanda being used again!

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    Claire - I love Claire. It's girly but not frilly, feminine but tailored. It's in the Top 100 but less popular than Elizabeth so I think you could easily keep it on the table as an option.

    Amanda - I find it charmingly unexpected on a baby born now. And I vastly prefer it to more current A's like Ava or Aria. Amy and Amanda are two '70s-'80s names I'm fond of. Only issue I can see is the "Am- Em-" with "Amanda Emerald" is a bit repetitive.

    Bridget - Cute! A bit consonant-heavy so it's not on trend for right now. That is not all bad though, by any means. It stands out without sounding TOO alien, and will probably be at daycares full of Briellas anyway.

    Eve - I'm pretty neutral on Eve. I do like it better than Eva or Evelyn.

    January - Not a favourite, sorry, particularly with Emerald.

    Cassandra - I know I came to the defense of Amanda, but Cassandra is too '80s for me.

    Miranda - I like the Shakespeare reference and it's got a pretty sound.

    Other suggestions:
    Claire - Catherine is as classic and less popular. Same could go for Celeste.
    January - Jessamy? A bit less dramatic and a bit more vintage, but similar flow?
    Cassandra - Calanthe, Caroline, Calandra... NN Callie for all three. Or Cassia, NN Cassie.
    Miranda - Meredith.

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    I vastly prefer Emerald to any of those choices above my favourite of which would be definately Eve... Love Eve nnEvie and Emerald Eve or Emerald Eva are pretty choices!For Cassandra i would use nn cassia, However i prefer just Cassia by itself! Also how about Clara instead if Claire? Mirabelle instead if Miranda? June/Juno instead if January? Araminta, Amara, Amelie or Amity instead if Amanda (really dislike Amanda it sounds dated IMO!) to be honest I'm not a huge fan of most if the names on your list... I don't wish to offend but they seem a bit dull and dated with the exception of Eve... Which to me is as versatile and classic as Elizabeth! I think emerald is gorgeous, glamorous and unusual... Love it so much more than your other choices and if you're worried about it being ott nn emmie or Emma grounds it! Also have you thought about Emmeline? Classic like Elizabeth but with a dash if whimsy like Emerald?!

    If you are looking for something more classic like Elizabeth (elizabeth is so gorgeous and versatile!!) I think Katherine nn kitty could work or Sarah, Rebecca (Becky is similar to Betty) Amelia, Olivia, Georgia, Isabel, Lucia?

    Possible combos?
    Emerald Clara
    Emerald Isabel
    Emerald Mirabelle
    Emerald Lucia
    Emerald Katherine
    Emerald June
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