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    I like Emerald the most of all of those names. But I would like Miranda Emerald or Cassandra Emerald.
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    I like Bridget and Claire.

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    I really like claire. Amanda and cassandra are both nice too. Miranda and eve are bleh to me, and I would definitely not do bridget or january!

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    Claire- I think it's fun, spunky, and youthful. I don't like Claire Emerald, though.
    Amanda- I actually really like this on a modern day baby. It's unexpected and, dare I say fresh again? I like the double vowel of Amanda Emerald.
    Bridget- My favorite of your list. Strong, dignified, substantial, yet feminine. Bridget Emerald has a nice flow.
    Eve- Love this name, substantial but soft. I don't like Eve Emerald though.
    January- I agree, it's a bit over the top with Emerald.
    Cassandra- Not my favorite, but I knew a Cassandra that went by Cici, Didi, and Cassidy throughout her lifetime.
    Miranda- I feel like its missing the "wow" factor. And I really dislike Mindy.
    How about...
    Daphne Emerald
    Ophelia Emerald
    Penelope Emerald
    Genevieve Emerald (you could nickname her Eve)
    Leonie Emerald
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    Thanks so much for all of your thoughtful and honest opinions and your lovely suggestions.

    Last night I fell in love with Beatrice.

    I have always kind of dismissed the name as yupster-and-celeb-trendy old-lady-cool. I was actually sort of sick of seeing it.

    Then last night I couldn't sleep. All the inactivity from surgery probably. (my husband is trying to convince me to take half of one of my FIL's Ambiens tonight. I'm wary because I've never taken a real sleeping pill and I'm afraid I'll end up sleep-stabbing somebody. Or something.)

    Anyway last night my sleeping pill was Dante's Paradiso. When I FINALLY crashed I dreamt Beatrice was showing me around Heaven, except it was an awful lot like a Sandals resort, and Beatrice looked an awful lot like a young pre-plastic surgery Nicole Kidman.

    But she was so beautiful and calm, wearing emerald green silk and with all this honey-coppery hair, and she seemed so wise and lovely, and I woke up going, "Beatrice!" I've been saying it all day.

    I'll probably change my mind a hundred times, lets face it. But right now I'm head over heels for Beatrice Emerald.


    PS. Blade, I literally laughed aloud at the IRA pageant contestant, Bridget Emerald. :-)
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