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    Of all the names you listed, Miranda is the least dated. Because it's Shakespeare, it will never be considered dated in my opinion. It also allows for the nicknames Mira, Andi, Mandy, or Randa.

    LOVE Amanda and I don't care that it's too 80s. I'd love to see it used now that all the Amandas are grown.

    Bridget is also lovely, though I'm not crazy about the nn Jet.

    Eve and Cassandra are nice. I think of Eve as a middle name, but it can work as a first name too, though I'd probably give her a longer name with the nn Eve. Cassandra nicknames include the ones you mentioned and also Casey, Sandi, and Andi. A friend of mine has a niece named Cassandra and they called her Adria. A bit of a stretch, but it could work I guess.

    Claire always reminds me of cheerleaders and sorority girls. It's okay, but I grew up with dozens of Claires so, to me, it sounds dated, despite the fact that it's considered a classic.

    Month names have never appealed to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by missusaytch View Post
    These are some that have been on my mind. Now that Elizabeth MIGHT be out, these are possible contenders. I am pretty committed to using Emerald somewhere in the combo.

    Claire - I never cared much for this until I just started watching the series Heroes and it's such a great name on the spunky invincible cheerleader. It's elegant but vital. But is it overdone?

    Amanda - I can't explain why but I like this. I know it's 80s but that means its kind of off the radar and unusual for babies being born now. Wdyt?

    Bridget - St. Brighid is my patroness. And I love the nn Jet.

    Eve - dh doesn't care for it but I could work on him

    January - I'm afraid it's OTT paired with Emerald

    Cassandra - any nn besides Cass, Cassie, Sandra?

    Miranda - boring? Dated?

    Any other suggestions as a first or middle with Emerald?

    Thanks, all!
    Miranda, Cassandra and Amanda are lovely names. Regal, feminine, deeply-rooted. They sound great with your surname, but not with Emerald.

    I love Eve-- slinky and serious in one short syllable-- but think its choppy with Emerald. Eva works very well though.

    January Emerald?!

    Bridget would be amazing but Bridget Emerald sounds like a character in an IRA pageant.

    Claire is crisp, pretty and unobjectionable.
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    All your name suggestions seem 80's/dated to me. I like January but not with Emerald. How about:

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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    Miranda, Cassandra and Amanda are lovely names. Regal, feminine, deeply-rooted. They sound great with your surname, but not with Emerald.
    I agree with Blade. Have you considered other E- names that could replace Elizabeth? Some of these might be a bit out there:
    Elin (too Tiger Woods?)
    Evelina (close to Eve but your hubby might prefer it)
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    I think Emerald Claire is beautiful!!
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