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    Please help with my style & name Archer's potential brother!

    Hi all,

    I've posted before about our upcoming baby (gender unknown) due in March. Brother is Archer Cole. I love strong names that are a little different but not out there, interesting & that make you go 'oh, how nice!' when you hear it. And to note, when we named Archer, it was unheard of! We live in the country in Aus so while the names on my boys list may be common to other berries, they definitely aren't here!

    We're running out of time & I need some fresh ideas! We have a girls name sorted I think. So to give you an idea, names I love but can't use as fn are Flynn, Cole & Griffin.

    Our two front runners are
    Hugo Flynn
    Hudson Arlo

    Both fn are names that acquaintances elsewhere have used & for that reason I would feel that the name wasn't entirely my baby's, if that makes sense! Hudson, I know is getting trendier which I don't like, but my husband & I honeymooned in New York & loved it so much & so there's that connection. Love Hud as a nn too. Hugo seems friendlier, & I do like the 'o' ending.

    Other names that my husband will agree to: Harris, Jed, Evan, Owen, Hallam & Dex. None of them jump out at me!

    Other names on my list: Sullivan, Rafe, Jude, Gabe, Kit, Beckett.

    What kind of name do you think goes with Archer? Sorry to those who have answered my posts previously! Thank you!

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