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    Rylan, Ryder or Ryan
    Violet or Viola
    Leah, Leelah, or Amelia: Can't decide between Leah or Amelia.
    Aiden and Caden
    Bryan and Bryce: + Brylee would be too similar because they would have 3 letters in common (Bry). You could do Brian + Bryce or Brian + Brylee though. I think that would be fine.
    Cameron and Cooper: Nothing wrong with this sibset!
    Peyton (boy) and Parker (boy): Nothing wrong with this sibset!
    Arielle, Juliette and Danielle: Arielle and Danielle are too similar, but either one could be paired with Juliette. I think Juliette + Danielle work best.
    Tristan and Christian: could work as twins, but not as a sibset.

    Also, I think the pronunciation of Arielle and Ariel are based on preference. With that being said, I prefer Ariel as [Air-ee-ul] and Arielle as [Arr-ee-ell]

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    garnet- Thanks. You do? Ahh! That makes me smile. Do you know if she has problems with it getting pronounced wrong? I just don't want to stick a child with a name that's gonna make them miserable.

    nkethdy- Thank you! I think if anything I'd go with Brice and Brylee, but if I decide to use any it will probably just be Brylee as a first name or Bryan as a middle name. I didn't think there was anything wrong with Cameron and Cooper & Peyton and Parker, I just wanted to make sure it didn't sound too 'matchy'. I agree with Tristan and Christian though. As for the pronunciations, that's what I thought it was too.

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