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    Are these names too similar for siblings?

    I'm not currently expecting, this is just for future reference.
    Also, sorry if this is the wrong section, I'm new to posting :-|

    These are names I like that I think or know are too similar.
    Do you think the set is similar?
    Which do you think is the better choice?
    Rylan, Ryder or Ryan
    Violet or Viola
    Leah, Leelah(I like the pronunciation so if there's a better spelling, throw it my way), or Amelia
    Aiden and Caden (I know both of these are getting really popular, I may never use either, I'm just curious)
    Bryan and Bryce (what about Bryan and Brylee or Bryce and Brylee...Brylee is for a girl but in honor of my dad Bryan Lee)
    Cameron and Cooper
    Peyton (boy) and Parker (boy)
    Arielle, Juliette and Danielle
    Tristan and Christian (not twins, just siblings...or twins. I don't know if I'll have twins so whichever)

    Thanks for your input.

    random semi-unrelated side note: about Arielle, how do you pronounce it when it's spelled Arielle? Is Ariel pronounced differently?

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    Rylan>Ryan>Ryder--You might be able to get way with Ryder & Ryan.
    Viola>Violet--too similar
    Amelia>Leila>Leah--too similar
    Aiden and Caden--I like both, honestly, despite their popularity.
    Brice>Brian--Don't like the y's, personally. Too similar
    Cooper>Cameron--Cameron is a unisex name. Really like Cooper, meh on Cameron. Cute sibset.
    Parker>Peyton--All the Peytons I know I girls. Could work as a sibset.
    Arielle>Juliet>Danielle--You could do Ariel/le and Juliet or Juliet and Danielle. Not Arielle and Danielle.
    Tristan>Christian--Could use one as a MN.

    Just my opinions. Lovely names!
    Love my dog Zephyr <3
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    Ryan (Rylan reminds me of that idiot who was on the x factor)
    Leah (You could spell Leelah Lila?)
    Brylee or Bryan
    Parker for a boy, Peyton for a girl.

    I would say Arielle like the start of Ariana and Elle on the end and Ariel like a television ariel.

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    sidura- Thank you for saying whether or not you think they're similar and putting them in order of your favorite to least favorite. About the y's, I just happen to prefer them. I didn't know the spelling Brice could be used as a first name, I thought that was the last name spelling, I kind of like it though. Bryan/Brian...I prefer the y cause that's how my dad spells his name. I know Cameron is a unisex name, I prefer it on a boy. I know that Peyton also is unisex, but I don't know anybody with this name so it goes either way for me and I just happen to think it suits a boy better but that's just me.
    Leila? I'm so confused on this. I thought Leila could be pronounced the same as Leelah but everybody told me it was pronounced like Layla. Apparently the ei makes the same sound it does in sleigh but I was thinking ei like in weird where it makes the e sound. As for Lila, I thought that was lie-la. I could be wrong. Lela and Lelah aren't bad either, I just haven't fallen in love with a spelling yet. Except for Leila but again, I was told that it's wrong.

    bluesuedeshoes22- Thank you. I don't watch the x factor so I don't know who you're talking about haha. A band I listen to has a member named Ryland and it caught my attention but I preferred it without the d, so that's why I know of the name Rylan, no bad associations for me. Again, I just happen to prefer Peyton for a boy, personal taste I guess.
    So Arielle is are-e-elle and Ariel is air-e-uhl?

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    Bryan. Bryce (couldn't really pick between the two. both are okay)

    I know a girl who pronounces her name Leelah and spells it Leila.
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