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    Names that go with our German last name

    We are not yet TTC, but I have been enjoying reading all of these threads and have been making a few lists of my own recently. I love dreaming of great name combos! We have a very German sounding last name, Fernbach (Bach like the composer). My husband is not very adventurous with names and tends to like more Biblical or traditional names. I had never really thought about Biblical names before, so I started looking and I am recently crushing on Levi. We don't need to stay with the Biblical names, but that is just what he gravitates towards. If we have a girl, I would love to pass on my middle name, Gray, as it has been passed on to the girls in my family for several generations (as a middle name, not a first). I tend to stray away from the more trendy names, but am agreeable to most! Here are a few that I enjoy just to give you an idea of what sounds good to me (in no particular order): Levi, Eleanore, Eloise, Fiona, Finley, Theo/Theodore, Nora, Lyle.... I also adore the French language and would love some French suggestions, but I don't want them to sound too out of place with our German last name!

    I am intrigued as to what combos you all come up with!

    Thank you in advance =)

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    I really like the idea of Miriam Gray Fernbach. You could even go with the German spelling of Mirjam (pronounced same as Miriam), though that could be problematic in an English-speaking country. Other ideas:

    Rebecca Gray Fernbach
    Sarah Gray Fernbach
    Anna Gray Fernbach
    Lena Gray Fernbach (Lena pronounced LAY-nuh)
    Sandra Gray Fernbach
    Alessia Gray Fernbach

    I know a German woman named Felixa, and Felixa Fernbach sounds pretty cool if you like alliteration.

    Michael Fernbach
    Timothy Fernbach
    Benjamin Fernbach
    Lukas Fernbach

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    I think Levi, Eloise and Theo all sound great with your last name! A few other ideas (both biblical and not):


    Susannah Gray
    Naomi Gray
    Eliza Gray
    Camilla Gray
    Beatrice Gray
    Genevieve Gray

    Good Luck!

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    I love that both of you have named my brothers! (Michael and Peter). My name is Jennifer, so I fear that Genevieve may be too similar. My MIL is Elisa, so my DH feels Eliza is too similar, although I love it!

    I enjoy the suggestions of:
    Miriam Gray
    Lena Gray
    Eliza Gray

    Lucas/Lukas (DH knocked that one down, but we have time for it to grow on him...)
    Sampson (DH likes Samuel, I like Sampson much, much more)

    I'll bring these up the next time we discuss names and see how they go over =)

    Thanks for the input!!!! I love hearing what names other people put with our last (I feel like it's somewhat difficult to pair with such a strong last maiden name was nothing like this, so when I thought about names in the past it didn't seem as difficult!)

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    I have a German LN too, Hugo is a good German option.
    Phoebe Eliza Grace arrived after 2 Years of IVF

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