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    Harry: name enough?

    I am starting to really adore the name Harry. But I wonder, can it stand alone? I know Prince Harry is a Henry, but Truman and the boy wizard are both Harrys.

    My other favorites are Theodore "Theo", August "Gus", and Phoebe "Bea". Henry to Harry doesn't feel that natural and I don't think people who aren't name needs will "get" it. Henry is very popular in my area (NYC) but it is a family name and would be a great way to honor relatives as a proper name for a little Harry.

    So which is it: Henry "Harry" or just Harry?

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    I think just Harry would be perfect! Not every name has to have a full name to sound legitimate IMO.

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    I know two (grown-up) Harrys and one baby Harry, all of whom are just Harry, and I LOVE this name. Unfortunately, it's the name of a very close family member (just Harry, not Henry), so it's unusable for us. But overall it is absolutely usable, and that's coming from someone who dislikes nicknames as full names (Sam, Max, etc.). Harry is a valid name on its own -- a classy, sophisticated, and respectable name that's great on a baby and on a man. Love it.

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    I'm a little confused because it seems like you both want to use Harry alone but also want to use Henry. Either is totally fine. I think in America, I would go straight to Harry because it seems like a VERY English thing to do to give your child a nickname that is just as long as the full name. Or, if you want to honor family, go for Henry. Or, call him Harry and say it's for Henry, but with a twist. Really, you can do whatever you want here. Harry can take it.
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    I think Harry can stand alone...but if you are searching for a longer name and want to use Harry as a nn, have you thought about Harrison? I don't think the Henry to Harry transition makes much sense, IMO.

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