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Thread: Ella

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    Do you think Ella is too popular? I loved Ella when I was younger, it was my all time favourite but for some reason I fell out of love with it. I'm finding myself drawn to it again but it's gained a lot of popularity since then! Do you know anyone named Ella, if so how old are they?

    What middle name would you give Ella?
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    I love the name Ella, just love it! I would never use it though, it's way too popular. Plus with all the names that can have Ella as a nickname, they all add up. Plus with Bella being so popular, it's just not somehting I want my child to deal with. I have always thought about using it as a middle name though. It really is beautiful, and if popularity doesn't bother you, I'd go for it!

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    It's a gorgeous name. Popularity doesn't bother me if I like a name. If it bothers you, you can always name her something else and call her Ella.

    Elena lends itself quite well to the nickname Ella.

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    It's very pretty, though I prefer the stripped down Elle. I do know quite a few in my daughter's age group, so it would be a no-go for me. Something like Elena, Eleni or even Elizabeth could work well if you want her to have flexibility.
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    I actually don't know any Ella's but I know a lot of girls in the 0-4 range with names that nn to Ella (Gabriella, Elenora etc).

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