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Thread: Name for #3?

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    Name for #3?

    Hi! I'm an expecting mother, for the third time.
    My hubby and I are having a bit of trouble this time around. We're looking for names that go with the names of our other children, and they MUST be able to transition well from children names to adult names!!
    Our oldest is Winnie(Winifred) and her younger sister is Meredith (Merry)
    This time around the hubby and I decided not to find out the gender e baby until its born, so we're looking for two nanes!
    The ones we have so far are Harriet (Harrie/Harry as a child) and Eleanor(El) for girls. For boys we don't have the slightest clue! My hubby suggested Jack, but does it go well with Winnie and Merry's names? What middle name would you use for Jack?
    Oh! And, he and I are strongly partial to Irish names, because he is an Irishman, born and raised!
    Help us out, berries! Anything would be appreciated!

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    I love Harriet nn Harry and Henrietta was also my first thought because I think Winifred, Meredith and Henrietta go together beautifully as do Winnie, Merry and Henrie!

    I feel like Jack falls a bit flat next to your girls. What about Kieran or Cian? Darcy, Niall, Tierney, Seamus...??

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    Colm, Desmond, Eamon, Emmett, Lachlan, Niall, Patrick, Redmond, Riordan, Seamus, Tynan?

    I think Henrietta would go a little better than Harriet because Merry and Harry would be a little confusing if they only heard the last bit. Henrie or Etta would be good nicknames.

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    How about Donovan for a boy? I love your choices of Eleanor and Harriet!

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