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    Thank you for your suggestions.

    Simone - You're right, it does repeat the S initial, which I prefer to avoid. As for the name itself, it's one I don't care for. Maybe it's the "moan" sound; it just sounds so solemn and melancholy to me.

    I do like Phoebe, but feel I can't use it due to my daughter's initials (first name, last name) being PP (pee pee).
    Spelling it phonetically (Feebee) just seems to ruin its charm.

    Celeste and Charlotte - I love both of these, even though they do repeat the C initial (which one of my sons already has), but that's not necessarily a deal-breaker.

    I also love Colette. I'm also partial to Vivienne, and even Viviette. Not sure if hubby would consider these last three. (I won't be able to actually discuss names with him until the baby is about to be born, or is already born. Just the way he is.) But I want to have MY favorites picked out ahead of time. In the past, I've been lucky enough to have him agree with my (pre-chosen) first- and middle-name set for one of our children, and for the others, he has chosen several names off my list, and we have come to agree upon the final decisions together.

    But anyway,
    I like the sound of Ya-neen-a and Yahn-a. But I would have to spell them with a Y in order to get people here to say it right.
    Then, if I were to do that, would they look like made-up names?

    Nina - I have always liked this name. But I have a daughter named Serena, so wouldn't the two names be too rhyming?
    NEEN-uh, Seh-REEN-uh - I just think they're too close in sound.

    Eliana - I really like this. What would you say is the 'correct' pronunciation?

    As for Katherine itself, I am not against using it (in the middle), but I think what I'd prefer to do instead of that is to use a more unusual variant of it, and therefore use it in the first name place.
    What do you think of Katerina/Katarina? (Are these also too much of a rhyme with Serena?)

    As for Angelica as a first name, my only reservation about it is that it does repeat the A initial (one of my four sons has an A-beginning name), BUT it is a form of my own name, so I think it would be acceptable. (Not that we have set rules about this.)

    I agree with your opinion that, since I do have so many children, most people (even many of my own family members, I think) will probably never realize that the new girl's name is similar to her older sister's middle name. And I think that's the key word, too, similar (not identical). For those who DO realize the similarity, I don't think they would be bothered by it or think it was weird, because I think they would recognize why I chose to do that (naming both girls after myself, in slightly different ways). Besides, the older one with the Angela middle-name is going to be about 9 years older than the baby, so again, I think you're right.

    So the set of sisters could be: Serena, Marissa, Angelica (and who cares what their middle names are, for the most part?)

    But you do raise a good point, that I will have to think about, and that is whether the third girl who isn't actually named after me will feel left out?

    Thanks again for all your comments and insights.

    Also, anyone else reading this, please feel free to advise me with your opinions as well!

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    I just wanted to say thank you once again to each of you who has replied to my query. I really appreciate it!

    As I have been thinking even more about each of your responses, I think I am changing my mind about using such a similar first name to my other daughter's middle name. That daughter has already been named after THAT part of my name, so I guess it does seem redundant to use yet another form of the same name for a new baby. I could always use a form of Katherine for a new daughter's name, and leave the Angela to the older daughter who already has it.

    Thank you for helping me to think about this from an outsider's perspective.

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