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    Miranda is fabulous!

    How about...

    Belladonna (too weird?)
    Janelie (quite sweet!)
    Phoebe (means pure & bright)

    Also, you can always give Katherine or Kate as a middle!
    Mama to big kitty Jasper

    a feel for the names i adore:

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    Quote Originally Posted by irmgard+theodorian View Post
    I really wouldn't.

    It would help to know your daughters name, so we don't repeat.

    I actually have two daughters: Marissa and Serena. Ideally, the name for the new baby would not begin with either M or S (or A, B, C, or T - my sons' first initials) but that is not written in stone; it's just that, so far, we have not repeated beginning initials for any of our 6 children.

    Some suggestions: Ooooh, great list!

    AnnabelleHmmm ... beautiful name, but isn't quite what I'm looking for ... growing up, I had a friend named Anna. When people called her Annabelle, it was kind of a joke. It'd be hard for me to forget that connection.
    Caroline I have always liked this. Definite possibility. But does it sound too strong next to my other daughters' frilly-feminissima names? What do you think?
    CharlotteI also like this, but I have a sister named Sharla. Could be too close to her name (sound-wise). Thoughts?
    Emmanuelle Not my style, and I know hubby wouldn't go for it. (Too ethnic, maybe?)
    Emmeline I like this, but I have always wondered about pronunciation problems, since it is my understanding there are several possible prns? How would YOU pronounce it?
    GraceNice, but too plain. Also, too popular here in Canada (#22 in 2012). Don't think hubby would go for it (he'd probably think 'old lady').
    HermioneI've grown to love this, but too exotic for our surname (would sound joke-ish) AND Dh would say "too Harry Potter".
    JosephineThis has grown on me as well, but I'm pretty sure Dh would veto it (too 'old lady' for him).
    MinervaDh would say NO!
    Mirabelle (girlier version of Miranda)[COLOR="#DDA0DD"]I love the Mira- part, but not so much -belle. Also, unsure about repeating the M initial./COLOR]
    Moira We already have a niece named Moira!
    OpheliaDh would definitely say No.
    PenelopeDh would say no, AND our surname begins with P (so it would sound like Penelo-pee pee).
    RosamundI like Rosa-, don't like -mund.
    SelenaLove this, but obviously too close to Serena.
    SophieOur good friends named their daughter this, so it would look like we were copying. Also, don't think Dh would like it.
    VictoriaThis is one I have considered, but it is very popular here in Canada (#18 in 2012), so I'm uncomfortable with that. But could be a possibility. Love V- names.
    VioletI should like this, but it always reminds me of violent.
    I love this, and it's actually one I've considered. Definite possibility.

    Thanks for your great list!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmm View Post
    I have a friend whose first name is Kate (Kathryn) and her older sister is Erin Kathleen.

    It's not ideal but I think it's fine.
    And they go by Kate (or Kathryn) and Erin, right?
    So, I was thinking the same as you, that it is not ideal, but would work.

    Thanks for your reply.

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    Quote Originally Posted by juliet.a View Post
    Miranda is fabulous! Yes, I love Miranda. But, is it too matchy with my older daughter Marissa?

    How about...

    Celeste LOVE this. It's actually already on my list, possibly as a Middle name. Love that it shares the same meaning as Celia.
    Cecilia Would like, but don't know if I can get past the awful literal meaning (blind).
    Eliana This is also on my list, but I worry about how people here would say it. I'm thinking it's supposed to be Ell-lee-AUN-uh, (like, rhyming with Donna) but I fear some people (including my mother) would say it Ell-lee-ANN-a. Like Elly and Anna. How do you pronounce it?
    Belladonna (too weird?) I doubt Dh would go for it, but I actually have Elladonna on my list (I made it up).
    Jana Too close to my sister Jayna.
    Janelie (quite sweet!) Looks cute. How would you pronounce it?
    Kaitlin I've always thought of this as being too popular for me to use. Yet, maybe this name in its various forms is declining in use? I was surprised to see that it was #94 in Canada in 2012 (spelled Caitlyn). I thought it would have ranked higher in popularity. So maybe this is a possibility for me (I like to choose names that are NOT in the top 100).
    Natalie Too many Natalies my age, at least 2 off the top of my head: my cousin, and my next-door neighbor, for starters. MIGHT consider Natalia, though.
    Elaina Yes, this is on my list.
    Phoebe (means pure & bright) Wow! I didn't know Phoebe meant that! Could be a possibility. I have always liked Phoebe itself, BUT not sure it would sound good with our surname. Her initials would be P.P. (pee-pee)

    Also, you can always give Katherine or Kate as a middle!
    Yes, this is also a possibility.

    Thank you for the great list!

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    I thought of Simone, but that'd repeat the S initial. I also like Phoebe, Celeste, Charlotte, and some others that were suggested by others. I know the pronunciation might be an issue but i knew a girl (German exchange student) whose name was Janina with the 'y' pronunciation of the J. Ya-neen-a. Thought it was so pretty, and her nickname was Jana (yahn-a).
    That made me think, what about Nina? I think it's a really pretty name that is adorable on a little one but still mature enough to grow up with her.
    Eliana is lovely, too. I know an Iliana with the same 'ah' in the middle and really like her name too.

    It's funny that you were describing what kind of name you wanted: "One that is feminine, classic yet not too "plain", not over-used, yet not too different (my husband would think weirdLOL)." And of course I'm biased but the first name i thought of was Katherine :-) then i saw it's your name!

    I think you can use Angelica as a fn, especially since you have so many other kids- i think you're less likely to ever list fn-mn combos for all seven kids at once than you would be for only two siblings. I'm sure family members might realize that the new girl's first name is similar to your other daughter's middle name, but who else would remember that? I'm trying to remember ANY of my cousin's middle names, and i only know it for one kid (out of 23 or so first cousins, and another 16 of their kids, what is that, first cousin once removed?) Your two girls with the similar names might like having that in common, but the other girl might feel left out (or maybe not).

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