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    Jul 2012
    Ontario, Canada
    DH: Flavius Orson
    DW: Celestina Kairi

    DD: Ophelia Thrypose
    DS: Sturtevant Bascom
    DD: Roselda Mairead
    DS/DS: Dositheus Everard/Cicero Aldercy
    DS: Aloysius Destry
    DD: Isolde Lavice
    ~Love names, literature, royals and horses~ <3

    Favourite names:
    Girls: Azalea, Cordelia, Elizabeth, Rosalind, Scarlett, Felicity, Juliet
    Boys: Fitzwilliam, Sebastian, Percival, Oliver, Darcy, Orlando

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    karacavazos Guest
    Alright!!!! Now THIS is a CAF!

    DH: Ronan Xerxes Bryant Hart (Hart is the last name)

    DW: Cerise Philomena Cyrine Hart

    DD: Olivine Carys Theodosia Hart

    DS: Knute Erasmus Adric Hart

    DD: Xanthe Araceli Idony Hart

    DS/DS: Calix Madigan Ellis Hart/ Phineas Rowe Lovine Hart

    DS: Nolan Iago Tristram Hart

    DD: Isolde Ghislaine Octavia Hart

    Ronan X + Cerise = Olive, Knute, Xan, Calix, Finn, Iago, Issy

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    Name lover from England
    No babies yet, just lists!

    Girls: Isabel Beatrice, Rosy Elizabeth, Esme Violet, Marnie Jane, Imogen, Hannah, Zoe
    Boys: ????

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