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    Trying out a new sibling set for future baby girls.

    Tell me what you think of these pairs...

    Sage Alexandra
    Liv Penelope

    Sage is my maiden name so I know it will definitely be used somehow. Thoughts/Opinions on these pairs? Do they seem like they go together or not?

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    tbh, I don't really think they do. Sage is a more unusual name that is more of a full name rather than a nickname, whereas Liv is more of a popular, mainstream nickname and less of a full given name. I do like the flow of Sage Alexandra more than Liv Penelope. I think a sibset of Sage Alexandra and Olive Penelope is cute though.
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    I think they go together really well actually. They're both simple, relatively unusual, and to the point names, with longer more classic middle names. I really like them both!

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