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    Quote Originally Posted by wrenmaple View Post
    Its my grandmothers name too. Lois Amelia actually. It seems more appealing to me lately. i wouldn't be surprised if itcame back eventually
    Mine as well. Lois L, I can't recall her middle I'll have to ask my uncle. Wait...Lorraine. Lois Lorraine I believe.

    I'm not really a fan of it, but I can see it being used. I'd rather use Eloise as an honoring name.

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    I cannot wait for Lois to come back! I think it's far more appealing than say Eloise or Louise.
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    I don't like it but come to think of it my Nana was Beverly Lois... I think it will make you a comeback

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    Lois has the whole Lois Lane thing going for her. Honestly it sounds hopelessly old-fashioned to me, but so does Louise and that's coming back.
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    I like Lois and know one who is 5 years old. I was happy to hear it used. Her mother admitted she was nearly a Maiden/mayden as it was trendy.
    My middle names are Louise and Margaret so before having kids I wanted to have a daughter called Lois Pearl

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