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    Quinn Caroline & Quinn Amelia are my favorite from your list.
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    Quinn Alexandra is beautiful, also like Alexandria if you fancy an extra syllable!

    From your other choices, I actually really like the initials Q O with Olivia, so unusual.

    Others that sound good to me are:

    Quinn Antonia
    Quinn Estella
    Quinn Carolina
    Quinn Elise

    Good luck!
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    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I'll have to run some of these by SO and see if we agree on anything. I'll keep you posted.

    Btw...Michaela Quinn is out because it was the actual name of the character.

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    I know a 2 year old named Quinn Katherine. (When her mom was pregnant I first thought Elizabeth would make a good mn, but quickly came to the Queen Elizabeth thought, myself!)

    Other suggestions:
    Quinn Louise
    Quinn Alexandria (a different spin on the already take Alexander and Alexandra)
    Quinn Nicole (maybe too many n's)
    Quinn Brianna
    Quinn Amanda
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