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    Raphael - is it for us?

    Well, here I go again. Just a thank you to all the Berries who have helped me with the wild ride I've been through on here discussing various boy name picks. Hubby and I are all over the place with boy names.

    Wanted to run this new thought by you. I am loving the name Raphael. It has a great sound that is decidedly masculine. And I absolutely LOVE the meaning, "God has healed." Dealing with this endometriosis has been tough, and if we are blessed enough to ever have a son, I love the idea of using Raphael for the meaning.

    My concern is that it might sound too.... cool for us to pull off. Hubs and I are both skinny, white, Big-Bang Theory-esque nerds who enjoy Star Trek, reading, woodworking, and knitting. Can we pull off Raphael? Or are we destined to go with the safer Leonard or Howard? (hehe.)

    Also, any nn suggestions? I went to school with a Rafe and am not super excited about that. I like Raphael no nn, but he's probably bound to end up with one in our family. Let me know what you think!
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    When I imagine Raphael, I see a flamboyant flaminco dancer. Not really my style, but I think It'd be okay if it's your favorite.
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    First off, I love Raphael, its a family name for me. I don't believe the name is too cool for you guys. I think it is perfect especially the meaning. I hope one day you are blessed with a child.
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    I love Raphael with the nickname Rafe. I do imagine a strong Italian when I hear the name, but I;m sure if you named your son this he would make it his. Raphael doesn't really need a nickname, but since you don't like Rafe you could try Phil or Ray.
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    My son's middle is Raphael. Most people who bother to comment on it say it's strong, striking, and artistic. The dominant association appears to be the Renaissance artist Raphael. We are neither Italian nor Jewish but have not gotten any raised eyebrows. Then again we live in a hipstery pocket of LA.

    I think it's wonderful, but would probably not work with sisters named May or June or something else relatively sweet & simple.
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