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    WDYT of this sib set for boys?

    Currently in love with Hugo and Leo! And if I ever have a third boy (lord help me) I am starting to love Viggo.

    Good match or bad match? Thoughts welcome!was thinking about these combos too...

    Leo Alexander
    Hugo Sebastian
    Viggo Thomas or Viggo Atticus

    Thoughts/Opinions please!

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    Too matchy for my taste. I like both Leo and Hugo but I wouldn't use both. If that doesn't bother you though, then go for it.
    I'm not sure that Viggo has the same feel as the other 2. Leo and Hugo are both almost classic, old fashioned solid names. Viggo feels a bit trendy to me, and of a different style.

    I like the combination Hugo Sebastian a lot.
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    I love this set of names. Viggo Thomas sounds great.

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    Hugo and Leo are very cute. If you wanted to cut the o' sound on one, you could always do Hugh & Leo...but I actually like Hugo better. It flows better together. Hugo and Leo...I think it's nice.

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