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    Cair Paravel :)
    Waverley - love it! I prefer Waverly, though.
    Wren - adore it! It's a mn on my own list.
    Charlotte nn Lottie - again, I adore it! Charlotte is on my own list. If I didn't love the nn Lola so much for it, I would probably opt for Lottie. I really adore both.
    Penelope - I've been really liking this lately! It's not a personal favorite of mine, but I do really like it.
    Amelie nn Ellie - I love Amelie, it was my best friend's name, but I am not a huge Ellie fan. I do love Millie and Lily for it, though.
    Isla / Isra (Eye-ruh) - I like Isla, but I can't really imagine it on anyone. It seems more like a pretty word than a beautiful name, if that makes sense. It is lovely, though. I don't really like Isra; I feel like it should be said like EES-rah or IZ-rah.
    Maeve - meh. I want to like it, but I just can't see the appeal.
    Elizabeth - love the classic Elizabeth! I prefer the softer Elisabeth spelling, though--plus, I love the connection to my German and French ancestry, since it's the German/French spelling. I like that the Elisabeth spelling is a lot less predictable, too.
    Lucy - meh. I'm not the hugest Lucy fan. I've been appreciating it more lately, but I don't LOVE it.
    Matilda - I LOVE Tilly, but I'm not really a Matilda fan. I can't really see me using it, and I like Madeleine much more. It's still nice, though.
    Audrey nn Ree - LOVE Audrey! I'm positively smitten with it lately. I'm not sure it's going to make the cut, but I really adore it.
    Josephine nn Josie - LOVE Josephine, but I'm not a huge fan of Josie. I LOVE Posy as a nn for Josephine, though.
    Mila (mee-luh) - I LOVE Camilla (cah-MILL-ah) and Camille, but I'm not a huge Mila fan. I don't even love Milla, but I like it more than Mila, which has always seemed too exotic/sexy for me.
    Adeline (add-uh-line) - ADORE it! It's definitely on my top 20, it just doesn't make my top 10.
    Paloma - meh. I love the meaning, and the nn Lola, but I don't love the full name, though.
    Elodie - I named my car Elodie. I don't LOVE it for a future child of mine, but I do like the name, and I love the nns (particularly Ella, Lola, Lottie, and Liddy.
    Caroline - I quite like it. I love the nn Cara, and I love that it reminds me of Jane Austen, but I hate that it reminds me of Caroline Bingley.
    Margaret nn Maisie - I quite like Margaret, but I like Maggie and Greta much better as nns. Maisie is cute, though.
    Delilah - the religious implications still bother me, even though most people don't mind. I do love Elila, though, and I love the nn Lila.
    Madeleine - love Madeleine! I don't think I'll ever love it enough to use it as a FN, but I do find it beautiful as a MN. Zara Madeleine was a combo on my long list for years, and I still love it.
    Hanna - LOVE Hannah, it's on my top 10, and I like the Japanese Hana, but I don't love the Hanna spelling quite so much. It's always seemed imbalanced to me.
    Elowen - meh. I like Elodie more.
    Mairead - I'm not a huge Irish/Gaelic names fan, and Mairead isn't really my cup of tea. I think it'd be pretty hard to wear, but it is a nice enough name.

    and for boys:
    Rhys - love Rhys! I'm part Welsh, and Rhys is one of my favorite Welsh names (along with Bryn and Ianto for boys).
    Gaelan - I LOVE Caelan, but Gaelan, not quite so much.
    Sawyer - LOVE the literary Sawyer. It's pretty amazing.
    Kieran - I love it, but I only really like the Gaelic spelling--Ciaran.
    Declan - another one I love. I don't really love Gaelic girls' names, but I love Gaelic boys' names! Declan was on my top 10 for a short while.

    My favorites are Wren, Adeline, Charlotte, Audrey, Penelope, Josephine, Elodie, Hannah, and Elisabeth/Elizabeth for a girl, and Rhys, Declan, Sawyer, and Ciaran/Kieran for boys.
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    The only name in the girls section I actively dislike it Waverly - it's just so trendy / surname-ish, I don't find it appealing at all. I don't care for Charlotte, its not one I like, but there's nothing actually wrong with it, just not one I care for.

    I ADORE Elowen, Elodie, Paloma, Penelope and Madeleine, though! Paloma has really, really grown on me this year, the meaning is so pretty.

    For the boys, Kieran (I prefer Ciaran) has been on my list since I was about 14, I still love it, it's great.

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    Waverley- I just think of "Wizards of Waverly Place" when I hear this.
    Wren- Love this.
    Charlotte nn Lottie- I personally prefer the nn Charlie and don't care for Lottie, but I love the full name Charlotte.
    Penelope- I like it, and I think nn Penny is really cute.
    Amelie nn Ellie- N,s
    Isla / Isra (Eye-ruh)- I like Isla, but not Isra.
    Maeve- I prefer just Mae myself.
    Elizabeth- Love this, as someone with a name with no nicknames I've been jealous of the nn possibilities of Elizabeth.
    Lucy- I don't care for this.
    Matilda- This is one of my favorite names, I love both the nicknames Mattie and Tillie.
    Audrey nn Ree- I don't like the nickname Ree, as ree-ree is slang in my area for a mentally disabled person. Also, a names aren't my favorite.
    Josephine nn Josie- I like the full name and the nn.
    Mila (mee-luh)- I don't care for the "mee-luh" pronunciation, I'd love this name if its pronunciation was "my-la"
    Adeline (add-uh-line)- See Audrey.
    Paloma- NMS
    Elodie- While I used to really like this name, now it just feels like an incomplete Melody.
    Caroline- Personal association kinda ruins this name for me.
    Margaret nn Maisie- I don't like Margaret, but I love Maisie.
    Delilah- I like this name.
    Madeleine- I would probably use this if it wasn't so popular. I also don't like the nickname Maddy.
    Hanna- I would definitely add an h at the end. Hannah is a really sweet but strong name to my ears, so I like it.
    Elowen- I really like this name.
    Mairead- I don't like the sound of this.

    and for boys:
    Rhys- NMS
    Gaelan- While I like the overall sound, I would avoid names with the syllable "gay", as I feel a boy with this name would be teased from elementary to high school.
    Sawyer- I like it
    Kieran- While Kiera sounds soft and pretty to me, Kieran just sounds wrong.
    Declan- I like it, I knew a really sweet guy with this name.

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    Very nice list!
    My favorite on your list is Waverley- LOVE LOVE LOVE Waverly!
    I also love Wren, Isla, Lucy, and Elowen
    From boys, I like Rhys ,Sawyer, Kieran the most.
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