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    What do you think of my list?

    My style is honestly all over the map, but I just wanted some thoughts on my list. Any opinions are appreciated!

    Charlotte nn Lottie
    Amelie nn Ellie
    Isla / Isra (Eye-ruh)
    Audrey nn Ree
    Josephine nn Josie
    Mila (mee-luh)
    Adeline (add-uh-line)
    Margaret nn Maisie

    and for boys:


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    Waverley - Not terrible, but NMS
    Wren - ditto
    Charlotte nn Lottie - Love it.
    Penelope - NMS
    Amelie nn Ellie - NMS
    Isla - Nice!
    Isra (Eye-ruh) - I think it would be a burden due to the spelling and pronunciation.
    Maeve - Love it!
    Elizabeth - Classic beauty!
    Lucy - Cute
    Matilda - OK
    Audrey nn Ree - Nice
    Josephine nn Josie - Nice
    Mila (mee-luh) - NMS. I also think it would be misspelled and mispronounced a lot.
    Adeline (add-uh-line) - Pretty!
    Paloma - NMS
    Elodie - NMS
    Caroline - Nice
    Margaret nn Maisie - Nice
    Delilah - OK
    Madeleine - OK
    Hanna - Lovely, but prefer Hannah.
    Elowen - NMS
    Mairead - MNS

    and for boys:
    Rhys - OK
    Gaelan - NMS
    Sawyer - OK
    Kieran - NMS
    Declan - NMS
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    Waverley- I prefer this name spelled Waverly. I don't care for the sound, but I love the meaning.
    Wren- Of all the bird names, this might be my favorite. It's lovely without being too cute.
    Charlotte nn Lottie- Gorgeous, of course!
    Penelope- I don't understand the appeal of this name at all.
    Amelie nn Ellie- Quite sweet, however I'm sure it will be mistaken for Emily all the time.
    Isla / Isra (Eye-ruh)- Gorgeous! Isra is identical to Ira, which I hate.
    Maeve- Oh, so pretty! Makes Mae feel fuller and less plain.
    Elizabeth- Absolutely beautiful! I LOVE the nn Libby.
    Lucy- Eh. Plain, however I adore Luciana.
    Matilda- See Penelope.
    Audrey nn Ree- Very cute!
    Josephine nn Josie- I like Josephine, but Josie isn't very pretty. I think JoJo is so cute, though!
    Mila (mee-luh)- I prefer Milena, but Mila is lovely too! The Kunis association is a plus.
    Adeline (add-uh-line)- I love this, but to be more unique I prefer Adelise (add-uh-lees).
    Paloma- Quite lovely!
    Elodie- Beautiful.
    Caroline- A pretty classic! Reminds me of a smart businesswoman.
    Margaret nn Maisie- Nice, but not really fabulous.
    Delilah- Love it! So pretty!
    Madeleine- Such a swet, lovely name.
    Hanna- I think it looks a little odd without the -h. Nice name, though.
    Elowen- Very pretty, with a melodic, lilting sound.
    Mairead- This name will guarantee LOTS of mispronunciations.

    Rhys- I like this a lot!
    Gaelan- Sounds like something from an Arthurian Legend, like Sir Gaelan. A little too dramatic.
    Sawyer- Nice.
    Kieran- I think this is a little feminine because it sounds so similar to Karen.
    Declan- This is a really handsome name!
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    Waverley - nms, and seems a bit trendy. I think it's better when spelled without that second E - it looks more streamlined and neater as Waverly
    Wren - I actually really like this for a boy...I guess it's okay for a girl.
    Charlotte nn Lottie - So cute! I know Charlotte is getting quite popular, though.
    Penelope - Nice, but also getting more popular
    Amelie nn Ellie - I like it, but think people will always hear "Emily"
    Isla / Isra (Eye-ruh) - Isla is pretty, Isra = Ira, so that's no good for a girl, imo.
    Maeve - I've never liked this, seems like an old lady name to me, but I know many Berries like it.
    Elizabeth - Nice and classic.
    Lucy - I love it. A bit popular, though. My favorite name combo of all time is Lucy Clementine
    Matilda - ADORE. One of my absolute favorites.
    Audrey nn Ree - Audrey is okay...I don't love the sound, but I love Audrey Hepburn, so that's a good association. Not loving Ree.
    Josephine nn Josie - I don't love Josie, but I love Josephine.
    Mila (mee-luh) - Prefer it pronounced MY-la, but I know that's not usually how it is.
    Adeline (add-uh-line) - Probably what our baby will be if she's a girl - LOVE.
    Paloma - I like it! Wish my husband did, too.
    Elodie - I think the French pronunciation is nice, but I don't really like it when it just rhymes with Melody.
    Caroline - Classic, but I've never been a big fan.
    Margaret nn Maisie - Same as Caroline.
    Delilah - It's okay.
    Madeleine - Lovely, but only if pronounced mad-a-line, NOT lin.
    Hanna - It's okay..nothing too exciting. Prefer it with the final H.
    Elowen - Pretty.
    Mairead - Not sure of the pronunciation, and I think that would be a problem (at least in the US).

    and for boys:
    Rhys - Don't like it...looks and sounds incomplete and insubstantial to me.
    Gaelan - It's sad, but I think there could be teasing potential here, unfortunately.
    Sawyer - Seems pretty trendy to me.
    Kieran - I like it, pronounced KEER-an. Maybe a bit popular now?
    Declan - Nothing wrong with it, just nms.

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