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    Lucy and Caspian in the same sibset?

    Lately I've been crushing hard on Lucy. She's magical but familiar, historically established but not too common…I have yet to meet a Lucy. I love the saucy sweetness of her sound, the way the L and the C just dance off the tongue. And there are so many fabulous Lucy namesakes, like L.M. Montgomery, William Wordsworth's poetry collection, Lucy Cavendish, etc. And of course, there is Lucy Pevensie from the Chronicles of Narnia…but two of the books also feature a Prince Caspian as a main character.

    My concern is that Caspian is one of the oh-so-very-few names in the world that my husband loves as much as I do. It's pretty tied to the Narnia books; the only other association is the Caspian Sea, and I love it for both those reasons. Lucy, on the other hand, is a very well-known name that is frequently used outside of the series and isn't as specifically tied to the books as say Tumnus or Jadis or Aslan.

    So the question is thus: Are Caspian and Lucy too much together in a sibset? Other potential siblings would be Zion, Solomon, Alice, and Ophelia…does that help break up the Narnia-ness?

    Your feedback is greatly appreciated!
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    My first thought was definitely Narnia. However, if there were other siblings I would be less likely to make the connection. Caspian, Alice and Lucy sound great together and less Narnia ish.

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    I wrote a rather long reply to you, and when I was almost done I went to get my tea, and when I came back my cat was lying on the laptop and all text deleted... so this is a less poetic version:

    When I see them together I do think Narnia. But they are very beautiful and magical, Lucy is exactly what you want, shimmering silver laughter! I would have no issue with Alice with these two, that would be three names from famous classic British children's literature. Ophelia too for that matter, it's also classic British literature and has that magic feel to it. Zion and Solomon (in my opinion) would sound out of place. They're so Biblical, dark and serious. I actually see these names divided into two groups:

    Dark, serious, intense: Zion, Solomon and Ophelia
    Light, fun, magical: Caspian, Lucy and Alice

    However, they are all beautiful and with that magic flair, and not everyone over think these things.
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    I definitely think of Narnia. I love the name Caspian but to me Lucy is common and overused (in the uk)

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    I came in to say pretty much everything Ottilie already said.

    I definitely think Narnia with Caspian and Lucy. An Alice and even an Ophelia in there would lead me to believe literature was important to the family. That's not a bad thing. The only downside I really see is if you have a Lucy and a Caspian, any other children wouldn't be as tied together as the first two. Lucy and Caspian adventured together, it doesn't get better than that. While other namesakes may have gone on their own adventures, Lucy and Caspian will always have the battle for Narnia and the Dawn Treader in common.
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