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    Rainier has been very constant on your list and I definitely think it's one of the more useable ones that you've had throughout the entire process. Just do it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by amydomsmom View Post
    Believe me, many of us here have gone through those same "wait, this will be a real baby" name panics. Mine went a little something like "hmm maybe I can't actually call my child Dominic Merry Sirius James Orion and legally change my last name to Greenleaf?
    Oh, Amy, thanks for making me laugh! So that's not Dominic's full name? The Orpheus combo does indeed work every way, it's like magic! Gawain is my favourite too, love it so much. It's sweet and full of life. And works well with Perseus and Oliver, the best of the best!
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    Well I guess it's a good think your BF had wanted to consider "normal" names earlier on in the pregnancy.
    At least you already have a list that was "vetted" and still has a little magic in it.

    In particular I think these are stunning:
    Gawain Perseus Oliver
    Herne Antony Wayland
    Orpheus Robin Evander (I love that you added Robin back into the mix but Evander feels pretty "normal" to me. I know a few.)

    Fiammetta Ophelia Dawn (Though I still love Fiammetta Ophelia Noor and really think Ophelia should count as a "normal" name.)
    Hespera Daphne Arden
    Illyria Charis Marian
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    Aw- cheer up Ottilie! I just know you'll feel sure of the baby's name once you meet him/her.

    Agreeing with Lexiem here. Your Gawain, Herne, and Orpheus combos are great, as are Hespera and Illyria. Marian is lovely ..or Martin (like the bird) might give the name more heft and downbeat. Illyria Charis Martin.
    I really don't think Fiammetta is out-there at all. It's unusual, but completely wearable. And I'm going to fight for Noor. Dawn doesn't have the same depth.

    Faramond Hector Wayland works, but for me, Hector might be a bit harsh there. Faramond Wayland Bran? Faramond Wayland Verne?

    Evander, Endymion, and Rainier are my favorites of your boy names. Well.. and Herne!
    Rainier Endymion Innes sounds better to me than Innes Endymion. I might prefer Rainier Endymion Innisfree (like the Yeats poem) but it does nothing to normalize the name. Again, I think Rainier is perfectly respectable and beautiful, not at all in need of normalizing. Besides, who's going to scrutinize your child's middle names? On that note, Evander Orpheus Robin is quite handsome and might be more wearable than Orpheus as a first name. Evander Endymion Cheyne and Evander Endymion Verne are still my favorite Evander combos though.
    I'm kind of hoping you'll use Rainier if this baby is a boy, to honor your grandfather. And Endymion, because it's just the best.
    Rainier Endymion Cheyne, Rainier Endymion Verne, Rainier Endymion Frost! Even Rainier Endymion Herne...

    Maybe you should give yourself a break and try to come up with one boy name and one girl name that you're really happy with for now. You've collected so many gorgeous names, and you'll have plenty of time to tweak the rest of your sibset when you're not massively pregnant.

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    I'm sorry I don't really have anything to add or say about your list but I do have a cool story if you are considering Noor. I went to school with a woman who's daughter is one of Queen Noor's personal assistants when she stays in Washington DC. Being a political junkie, Queen Noor was someone I idolized and was always fascinated with. She is an amazing humanitarian and fights for peace and progress. She would be a great namesake.
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