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    Do you think that the length of sibling names matters?

    Hi everyone!
    I am not pregnant or trying to conceive just yet, but I like to have names picked out just in case. My top three girls names are Lyra, Alethea and Morwenna. Now assuming that I had three girls, do you think Lyra would feel that she had less of a name than her sisters? Is the difference in length even noticeable to others or is it just me? If you met three sisters with these names what would you think?

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    I do not think it matters if some of the names are short and others are longer. The three names you have are great!

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    I agree, the length doesn't matter to me so long as the style is somewhat consistent. As in, I don't think I would pair a long, flowy, mythical princessy name with a short, blunt, tomboyish name........I hope that makes sense.

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    I don't think it really matters. My name is three letters, my sister has eight....but both names are two syllables.

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