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Thread: Daffodil

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    I spoke to my cousin today about baby names. It's a hot topic since we're both expecting, me in May and her in June.
    They're having a daughter, and my cousin told me they plan on naming her Daffodil Mace Solstice, with the nickname Daffy.
    I fell in love with Daffy. It's perfect. Not so sure about Daffodil though. Mace and Solstice are def. not my style. They already have a son with two outrageous middle names so I guess little Daffy will fit in just fine.

    But what do you guys think of Daffodil? And more importantly, do you have any suggestions of names/nicknames with a similar style or feeling as Daffy (except Effie)? After hearing Daffy, I can't get it out of my head but I don't want to "steel" it...
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    What about something like Clover? Rowan? Amaryllis? Romilly? Marigold? Dahlia? Delphine? Magnolia? Leilani? Azalea? I am sure there are cute nn's hidden in all kinds of flower names if you want another flower name

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    I like Daffodil. But Mace? As in... the stuff you spray in the eyes of a criminal? Lol Or is it pronounced May-cee? A bit of stretch, but maybe Fia as a short, simple nn.

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    Daphne anyone?

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    Yes Daphne! Daphne gets to Daffy and both are lovely!
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