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    Narrowing down the options...

    We have some names narrowed down but we would appreciate if you would help us by giving them a thumbs up or down. Also, we're open to suggestions still...names that are off the beaten path but not too crazy or weird.

    Thanks a ton :-D

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    Well, I think Jaxen will still be Jackson when you say his name, so really, there are a lot of little Jackson/Jaxon/Jaxen/Jacsen's, etc. running around. I always have liked Chase. It's a very handsome name. Although I have a bad association with the nn Dex, I still think Dexter is a super cool name. Of the three, I like Chase the most, but Dexter isn't too far behind.
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    Jaxen, no.
    Chase, yes.
    Dexter, maybe.

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