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  • VEER-uh

    85 75.89%
  • VAIR-uh

    25 22.32%
  • Other

    2 1.79%
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    I think Vera is fabulous! I voted on the veer-ah pronunciation, but the more I say it, the more I think I should have voted "other" - it kind of sounds more like Vee-rah when I say it (which to my ear sounds different than veer-ah). I think I'm just weird.......lovely name, though.

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    Before I heard it in the wild, I assumed it was pronounced Vair-uh. I was thrilled to hear it pronounced out loud as Veer-uh, and I looove the way it sounds (it's on my short list). Vair-uh would be a no-go for us, as it rhymes with my name.
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    I guess I'd say both. I think it would depend on the situation and the other words in the sentence oddly enough. I like both, and they feel close enough to me that one wouldn't stick out as being completely wacky and wrong.
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    I've know a couple of older woman named Vera. Both pronounce it "VEER-uh" which I believe is the English pronunciation. In Europe, it would probably be pronounced the other way (VAIR-uh).
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    I pronounce it both ways depending on what first pops into my head when I see it. I would say 7/10 times I pronounce it vair-uh
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