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    Mrs. H., thank you so much for your response! I love the list you made for me, I'll do some meditating on them! I definitely have learned my lesson regarding my husband and names. When the horrible (to me) truth came out about how he chose (or insists he didn't choose) her middle name, I was crying and he said, "Look, it's not as if this changes HER... names are just letters and sounds, not the person!" O_O Not the thing to say to a nameberry!!! I know she is still SHE. But it means so much to me that she have a name that reflects the miracle she is and how I feel about her. Thanks for listening and responding!

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    Arianna Riley is beautiful. Like Blade, I have the opposite perception of A names than what you do. But then, it's your perception that counts. I also love Ariadne. Maybe Ariadne Ryla? Just a thought...

    And may I add - after 12 long years of TTC, what a blessing this baby girl must be! Very happy for you!

    And I would probably punch my husband if he told me he picked a NAME for our BABY to just get it done. Eeeek! Nope, don't admit that to a name nerd cause we will cut you.
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    Maybe Aria.? Aria Riley is quite pretty or Aria Riley Elizabeth.... I understand name regret... Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    Arianna or Ariadne are both lovely names for a biblical studies scholar. I don't think names starting with A sound hard or pushy at all; names with hard sounds (k, g, x, q) convey that impressions. Arianna in particular is all liquid softness. My son is called Antoine, and he is an extremely gentle baby boy, very congenial, observant, happy to share, etc. perhaps that colors my perceptions.

    If it were me, I would simply reverse the names to Arianna Riley. Ariadne Riley doesn't sound as good due to the rhyming ending. Or, Rebekah Riley, Raphaella Riley, or something like Ariadne Raquelle.
    All of this. I think Arianna Riley is perfect for a quiet contemplator NNs Aria or Anna make it even more accessible, if you prefer, but ultimately you need a name that you connect with. Rebekah Riley or Miriam Riley are equally lovely, or even just Anna Riley, but it does seem like reversing the names would make an easier transition... if you can love the names.
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    I went with a name that my mother and my SO at the time liked and my son is now almost 4 and I still dislike his name and I regret not changing it. 6 months is definitely still within a reasonable time to change it and if you don't, you honestly might continue to have these feelings for years to come and I can tell you from experience that it's not a good feeling and avoid it if you can.

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