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    How about

    Walter - Walt
    Lincoln - Link/Linc

    If you expanded your rules slightly, but with a similar flavor
    Francis - Frank
    Desmond - Des
    Calvin - Cal
    Reginald - Reggie
    Sullivan - Sully

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    Griffin - Griff

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    Gabriel- Gabe
    Harrison- Haz
    Jefferson- Jeff
    Lincoln- Linc
    Shaughnessy- Sean/Shaun
    Malachi- Mal or Kai
    Maksim- Maks
    Marmaduke- Duke
    Rafferty- Raff- my favorite!
    Elijah- Eli
    Gifford- Giff/Giffy
    Justin- Just
    Nicholas- Cole
    Coleman- Cole
    Anthony- Tony
    Timothy- Tim/Timmy
    Cornelius- Cory or Neil
    Billington- Billy
    Tatum- Tate
    Jacoby- Jake or Coby
    Damien- Dame
    Seamus- Shea
    Jameson- Jame/Jamie/Jay/James
    Joshua- Josh
    Douglass- Doug
    Raymond- Ray
    Raphael- Raph
    Fitzgerald- Fitz
    Solomon- Saul
    Dexter- Dex
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    Not sure if these were mentioned yet...
    Jethro nn Jett
    Michael nn Mike
    Clayton nn Clay
    Evander nn Evan

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