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    Isolde & Yseult?

    Nameberry says Isolde is Welsh for "Ice Ruler", but Yseult is Irish for "Fair; Light-skinned". I thought Yseult was a variation of Isolde? If so, wouldn't they mean the same thing? Am I going crazy?
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    Just on a preliminary sidenote, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Yseult (althought I slightly prefer the spelling Iseult) - and I too always thought that it was a form of Isolde? Actually, I just checked the Nameberry listings for Isolde and Yseult and it even says that Yseult is a variation...I'm confused now too. Sorry I couldn't be more help!

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    Same name, different language, as far as I know. The name of the tale in French is Tristan et Iseult.

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    Nameberry is better than most baby name sites at name meanings but I still would not rely on it for accurate history and meanings. Check out Behind the Name dot com for that. It is the most accurate I know of.

    Isolde and Yseult are different versions of the same name.
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    It's gorgeous, so beautiful and evocative! They are the same name, Isolde has many variations:

    Isolde - enslish
    Isolda - english
    Iseult - french
    Yseult - irish
    Eseld - cornish
    Esyllt -welsh
    Isotta - italian
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