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    Red face Edmund's Sister?

    Hi again Berries!

    Some of you whom are also on the Boys' Names Forum already know that I am expecting twins, a boy and a girl (now confirmed). Again thank-you to those who helped in naming Edmund Theodore "Eddie", my husband also loved the name. So, now time for his sister! ^-^ We are having a tough time with her name because we don't really have a starting point. We are sure we want something of a solid classic-vintage type, a name that hasn't been over used. I've suggested Georgina, while my husband thought of Emmeline. Since they are twins I don't think that both names starting with 'E' is bad, but otherwise I'm not too keen on the idea. As you can see we are really stumbling, so give me anything. Middle names can also come if you'd like. Oh, and our last name is Vallier.

    Thank-you so so so so much!
    - Hats

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    I'm not sure if this is your style, but maybe Virginia? I could see Eddie and Ginny! I like Georgina or Georgiana a lot, I think Emmeline could definitely work but I've just never been as into the name. Other than Virginia, maybe Cecilia, Rebecca, Catherine, Clara, Violet, or Helen?

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    Georgina Iris and Emmeline Ophelia are my choices for the names listed. I am suggesting Evangeline Pearl,
    "Eva" and Estella Violet, "Ella". Congratulations!

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