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    I absolutely love Dorothea, nn "Dot" or "Thea". I especially like the combo "Dorothea Maeve".

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    Thanks so much for all your helpful responses. I was surprised to see so much love for Opal and Honora. I think they've moved firmly to the top of the list. Still not much love for Henrietta, but that was expected. I still can't part with her though! I've taken Dorothea off the list because I don't swoon over her like I do with the other names. I've crossed Mirabel off for the same reasons - she feels a little too sugary to me, and I think paired with my daughters name they both become a bit TOO sweet, if you know what I mean.
    I adore Marguerite but when I've been practicing saying it out loud, something feels off. I think I love the idea of having a marguerite but in reality it feels a bit forced. I've left her on the list for now but I think I prefer her in the middle.

    Opal Delphine
    Opal Marguerite (does anyone else love this?)

    Honora Delphine
    Honora Lilac

    Marguerite Alice

    Henrietta Fleur
    I'd love any other middle suggestions for Honora. I'm not totally sold yet... Although Ottilie did a pretty good job!
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    Just going through an old notebook and thought I'd add two favourites as middles for Opal.

    Opal Melisande
    Opal Cosima

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    I adore Opal. Opals represent your ability to communicate what's in your heart, helps overcome things that you do to harm yourself, and it is a strong connection to the sea. It's also the most powerful healing stone, the stone of hope, the stone of great achievement and even the stone of the Gods. Opal Delphine and Opal Francine is lovely.
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    If I were to have twin daughters this very moment, they would be your DD's name and Cosima. I see you've listed Cosima as a middle for Opal - would you consider this as a first?

    I agree that there's something a bit forced about Marguerite for a non-French girl. I think it's much different than your DD's name, since there's such an obvious English version (Margaret). I don't think using another French name that doesn't have an obvious English translation would be absolutely unobjectionable or weird.

    From your list in the above post, I like Honora Delphine the best. In fact, I think it's gorgeous and a nice match for her sister. I'm not normally a huge fan of Opal, but Opal Melisande is also quite breathtaking.

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