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    Marguerite, Opal, Mirabel, Henrietta, Dorothea, Honora... HELP!


    I think I've narrowed down my list of girls names (currently pregnant with # 2 - gender surprise) ... but I still feel a million miles away from settling on one name.

    DD's name is E u l @ l i e (I kindly ask that you dont repeat her name in the responses as I dont want her name to come up in search results. Thanks!)

    Can you help me overcome my issues with at least one of these names? Please feel free to suggest alternative combo's if you think you've got a winner!

    Marguerite (Margot, Daisy)
    LOVE this name, only problem is that we have a daughter with a very obviously 'French name' despite neither me or my husband having any ties at all to France. Would selecting another French name for the first name spot just be completely ridiculous?

    COMBOS: Marguerite Alice, Marguerite Flora

    Opal (Most likely no nn but I saw the suggestion in another thread of Polly and I thought it was clever)
    I am really falling hard for this name but I worry that it's a bit hippie / hipster with the whole nature/word feel. I usually prefer names with rich meaning and history. I'm not sure if it's substancial enough? And perhaps a bit abrupt sounding with my DD's name?

    COMBOS: Opal Marguerite, Opal Delphine, Opal Francine, Opal Apolline (I kind of love the repeating sounds here! Am I nuts?)

    Mirabel (Mira, Mabel)
    This was second runner for DD1. I'm unsure about the bel/belle ending making it blend in with all the belle/bella names. Love the meaning and sound and nn options.

    COMBOS: Mirabel Alice, Mirabel Frances, Mirabel Fleur, Mirabel Lilac

    Henrietta (Etta, Hettie, Hattie)
    Oh my Gosh I just adore this name. The only thing that keeps me away from using it is the negative feedback I always seem to get. I think this name is ultra feminine - but usually the response from others is "clunky, ugly, masculine'. etc. Does it seem harsh next to DD's flowy vowel-y name?

    COMBOS: Henrietta Daisy, Henrietta Delphine, Henrietta Fleur

    Dorothea (Dot)
    I have to admit, I love this name mostly for the nickname. But I love that it has ancient roots and ties in well with DD's name. I'm just not sure if I *love* the name in it's entirety.

    Dorothea Maeve, Dorothea Frances, Dorothea Lark (dont mind hippie nature names in the middle it seems!)

    Honora (Honey)
    Again, I love the nn Honey despite the silent H in Honora. I like how this looks written and love the meaning... but all I hear is Ho-GNAW-a. Am I crazy?

    COMBOS: Honora Daisy, Honora Lilac, Honora Delphine

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    Marguerite (Margot, Daisy)
    I think it's fine to have another daughter with a French name.
    Favorite combo: Marguerite Alice

    Opal (Most likely no nn but I saw the suggestion in another thread of Polly and I thought it was clever)
    I think this is GORGEOUS, and sounds perfect with your daughter's name.
    Favorite combo: Opal Delphine

    Mirabel (Mira, Mabel)
    The ending may make it blend, and it sounds plain next to your daughter's name. Pretty, but there are better names on this list.
    Favorite combo: Mirabel Lilac

    Henrietta (Etta, Hettie, Hattie)
    I've never liked this name at all, and it does sound awfully harsh next to your daughter's lovely name.
    Favorite combo: Henrietta Fleur

    Dorothea (Dot)
    If you don't love the name, you shouldn't use it because soon you'll grow really tired of it.
    Favorite combo: Dorothea Lark

    Honora (Honey)
    I think this name is LOVELY, and I don't hear the "gnaw" at all. And I think Honey is a really sweet nickname!
    Favorite combo: Honora Lilac

    My favorites for you: Honora & Opal
    | Arabella Monet | Henrietta Plum | Isolde Noor | Agatha Ruby | Marian Primrose |
    | Emma Berlin | Cressida Lilac | Jessamine Lark | Vivienne Snow | Ireland Eve |

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    Oh my goodness! I hope you have more than one more daughter because there is so many beautiful combos here!!! I love your first daughters name... I'm curious as to what her middle name is and if she has a nn? It's hard to pick a combo without knowing her middle too! Without that knowledge I would choose from Honora, Marguerite, Mirabelle or Opal. The other names are pretty but they don't match well as a sibset... Too clunky and vintage!! I LOVE Opal Delphine... It is absolutely stunning and compliments your daughters French name subtly with Delphine. Having said that I don't see a problem with using Marguerite and having two French fn... On the contrary I think they compliment each other as siblings beautifully... And in pretty sure that your daughters name actually has Greek roots but is associated with Spain and France! I love Honora Lilac and would choose Marguerite Alice from those two combos but think marguerite Delphine/Lilac would be gorgeous too! I also adore Mirabelle Lilac (nn belle). My winning vote goes hands down to Opal Delphine though! It is breathtaking!!! 2nd place goes to Honora Lilac!

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    I adore Henrietta, I've seen some negative comments about it too but I'm a little perplexed by them to be honest. I think Hattie and Hettie are totally adorable. It makes me think of the character from "persuasion" by Jane Austen. It's a beautiful classic name and if you love it use it- don't be influenced by others.

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    I love the last 3 except Honora. With Mira, Etta & Thea for the nicknames.

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