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    Oh my goodness, I love all your choices! I like Marguerite, and think it would pair nicely with your dd's name. Marguerite Delphine would be a nice combo IMO. And I love nn Margot!
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    I think Mirabel and Margot(not Marguerite) are gorgeous!

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    If you want something as equally frilly and feminine choose...Mirabel (fave combo: Mirabel Frances. The no-nonsense Frances tones down the frilliness of Mirabel)

    My favourite name on your list is Marguerite Alice. You don't have to be French to love French names. I wouldn't hesitate to use another one if you love the name. Even though your first daughter's name is the French spelling, the original name is actually Greek.
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    Mirabel and Opal! You have lovely taste. I wonder if you'd like Honoria more than Honora since I think it would alter the pronunciation enough to take out the gnaw sound you dislike. -Honoria Glossop from Jeeves and Wooster is fantastic and where I got the name. Honora/Honoria nn Honey is so adorable!!
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    Opal Delphine is really beautiful...

    I love the names Mirabel and Margot w MN Delphine too, but think Opal fits the best w your other daughter's name

    very pretty names

    no its not too Frenchy at all

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