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    With your daughter's name (which is very pretty and stately) I like Marguerite (or Margot). I also like Delphine as a first name (or Delfina) and I wonder if you'd like Theodora more than Dorothea. I also have a soft spot for Henrietta but it is true that most people have a strong reaction to it.

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    I love your Honora Lilac combo. It's completely stunning and stays away from the French but still connects to your little E's name. I'm not sure you and I hear the name the same way. I hear honor with an -a ending. I'd pronounce it and hear it more like Awe-nor-a. Or On-er-a.
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    To go with your daughter's beautiful name I would choose:

    1. Honora Delphine - I like the softness in this name, and Honey is adorable. It's perfect with your daughter's name. I say it uh-NAW-ruh.
    2. Mirabel Fleur - Very very pretty, sweet and Mira is cute.
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    Marguerite or Delphine get my vote! Perfect with your daughter's name!
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    I love Opal for you. It's a gorgeous name and goes well with your daughter's. It's been used for long enough that it doesn't sound New Wave or hippy to me at all. In fact, it feels rather grandmotherly. It last ranked in 1960, but it was consistently on the Social Security list starting in 1880, and had it's heyday in the early twentieth century.

    I like Henrietta, but prefer Henriette -- but then you might have the French issue, especially if you chose to pronounce it the French way, AHN-ree-ette. But I really think two French names is fine.

    I'm not super fond of Honora or Marguerite (prefer Margaret, or Margot, or Madelief). And whilst Mirabel is lovely, it does blend into the -belle names for me (*curses universe* I wanted to use Amabel myself).

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