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    need opinions!!!

    who do you picture with these names?(nice?hair color? flower child/rebel?)and, of course, your overall opinion?
    addison "addie"
    cordelia "cora"
    trevor "trev"
    casper/caspian "cas"
    jeremy "jem"
    christopher "toph"
    madison "matti"
    asa (ace-uh)
    harold "herry"

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    Here I go! I'm gonna type the first thing I think of when I see the name. It could get weird. You were warned... lol

    Mina: Close to the Japanese word for everyone, so I think of a group of people. lol
    Nova: Stars and space, of course.
    Stella: A gypsy...
    Atlanta: The city in Georgia. Not a good association.
    Remy: a rich BOY.
    Marnie: Grandma.
    Arizona: Desert and dryness.
    Shiloh: Had a dog named this once.
    Teagan: Sweet tea.
    Vera: An evil villainess.
    Savannah: A girl I knew in Elementary. It feels dated to me.
    Dakota: I know it's supposed to be unisex, but it feels a bit masculine and very dated.
    Cecilia: Rich girl.
    Addison "Addie": Very conservative, religious girl. Probably preacher's daughter.
    Elsa: I just love it. Russian.
    Cordelia "Cora": The nn reminds me of coral in the sea.
    Arabella: A spider. A cute spider. Think Charlotte's Web.
    Summer: Stripper.
    Anya: Russian princess. Nn for Anastasia?

    Declan: Another rich boy.
    Trevor "Trev": I knew one, forever ruined for me. I think trailer park.
    Milo: Oatmeal.
    Quentin: Tarrantino.
    Casper/Caspian "Cas": A cute little sandy haired boy.
    Elliot: A boy raking leaves. No idea where that came from.
    Ryder: Trailer park, once again.
    Andrew: Dated.
    Campbell: Chicken noodle soup.
    Jeremy "Jem": Girly nn. Jeremy reminds me of a jacked up truck.
    Christopher "Toph": Ginger boy.
    Jack: Cars.
    Valentine: Nothing but February 14th.
    Madison "Matti": Girl. No one will accept this on a boy anymore.
    Lucas: Mucus.
    Asa: Never liked this name.
    Harold "Herry": Weird way of spelling Harry. Harold is a fat bald man.
    Tristan: Knew one. Drugs.
    Jude: Beatles.
    Finn: Fish and fishing.

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    mina - I picture a spunky little blondie with a big personality - not a fan of the name though
    nova - I picture a raven-haired book worm - Love this name also, Novalee
    stella - Honestly? I picture an older woman with too much make-up - Never been a fan of Stella
    atlanta - I can't get past the city association, what about Atalanta?
    remy - Isn't this the name of a Rat on some cartoon???
    marnie - Too frumpy and nickname sounding.
    arizona - I think I see a spunky red-head - Not a fan
    shiloh - I picture a blonde tomboy - Just okay
    teagan - Love Teagan, I picture a brown haired little girl, very spunky, very opinionated
    vera - I'm not sure what I picture here, not my favorite V name.
    savannah - I picture this very overweight, very unhappy girl from my class..... she ruined Savannah for me.
    dakota - I wouldn't suggest using this, it can be seen as offensive.
    cecilia - I always think of the song, Love it. I picture a dark haired girl, quiet and sweet.
    addison "addie" - Love Addison, but wish it would go back to the boys, too popular for girls. I picture a curly brown haired girl that's very athletic and sporty
    elsa - I know a small blonde Elsa, she is very cute and sweet - Not a fan of this name though, I grew up knowing it as a dogs name
    cordelia "cora" - Love Cordelia, I picture dark hair, soft featured, regal in dress and deportment
    arabella - Getting violently sick of bella names, but I see a wavy haired blonde, girly girl
    summer - As far as seasons go, I prefer Autumn and winter, but Summer feels to me like the long hair, sweet smile, flower child
    anya - Ann-ya or Awn-ya? This feels dated to me, the only one I know is 27. I picture her, not a good association for me sorry!!

    Favorites of your girls names ---- Nova, Teagan, Cecilia, Cordelia

    (boys) (I have a terrible time picturing boys, so I will just like give opinions!)
    declan - quite like declan
    trevor "trev" - It's been a long time since I've met a new Trevor, not sure about this one
    milo - Never saw the appeal of this name
    quentin - Just okay, I picture a very nerdy bespectacled boy
    casper/caspian "cas" - LOVE Casper and Caspian
    elliot - Elliot is just okay, I feel it lacks personality
    ryder - Dislike, feels trendy and just meh.
    andrew - Love Andrew, it's a strong, classic boys name, could be Andy or Drew
    campbell - Reminds me of my 3rd grade teacher, can't picture it on a child
    jeremy "jem" - Another seemingly classic name, not sure why this doesn't get much use nowadays??
    christopher "toph" - Another more classic choice, can't go wrong
    jack - A popular classic, very popular, but I like the strength it carries
    valentine - Not a fan
    madison "matti" - Not a fan for either gender
    lucas - Not a big fan again
    asa (ace-uh) - Not sure how many people will guess that pronounciation immediately,
    harold "herry" - All the Harolds I know are around 50, I don't know about it being ready to come back
    tristan - Not my style at all
    jude - LOVE Jude, love love love
    finn - Just alright,

    Favorites from your boys ---- Declan, Casper, Caspian, Andrew, Jack, Jude

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    mina - golden girl on the outside, but a stereotypical mean popular girl on the inside. nova - the kid that always sticks out no matter what she does or how hard she tries. stella - the one that drinks at the weekend and smokes, and has internal troubles. atlanta - she tries too hard to fit in with Mina and the rest of the popular clique but it never pays off. remy - she's smart and sassy and she knows it. marnie - a joker, she's a definite tomboy and likes to hang with the guys more than the girls. arizona - short spikey hair, lip piercings, and tattoes, she's cool but she's got troubles too. shiloh - I have no idea what to make of this one! teagan - on the large side, she's used as Mina's bodyguard and only gets to hang around with the popular girls because she is their "fat friend". vera - an oldfashioned girl who has her hair in a fifties style and has thick black rimmed glasses. savannah - She's Mina's very pretty but not as smart best friend. dakota - Again one of Mina's crew but smarter and with more backbone. cecilia - she's smart but shy and always scared to speak up for herself. addison "addie" - a girl who can jump from clique to clique without being questioned, she fits in with everybody. elsa - someone's younger sister who tries to act cooler and older than she actually is. cordelia "cora" - In Mina's group but only because she comes from a wealthy background. arabella - she wants to be a doctor when she grows up and is always trying to help people.summer - a very pretty girl who dismisses all the attention she gets from boys to study hard. anya - Summer's twin sister, they're very very alike.(boys) declan - he has bags and money and makes sure everyone knows it. trevor "trev" - the muscle behind the brains. milo - a weedy little kid always trying to crack jokes to make up for his lack of confidence quentin - your typical nerd, he likes to hang out with Milo. casper/caspian "cas" - he can't decide who is or what he wants, he takes drugs and drinks a lot. elliot - a footballer who is secretly smart but worries about his reputation too much. ryder - the most popular boy in school, he acts hard but he's lovely underneath. andrew - a nobody, he's always in the background, not getting picked on but not the centre of attention.campbell - he's a bit wierd, no one really likes him but they can't explain why.jeremy "jem" - like Milo he likes to make people laugh but he does it because he's good at it not because he has something to prove. christopher "toph" - he tries too hard to fit in with the popular jocks by using a "cool" nickname. jack - he could be anybody! valentine - he's had to become tough because of the years of bullying he endured due to his name. madison "matti" - same as Valentine - in fact they could be brothers lucas - he's somebody's younger brother trying too hard to be something he's not. asa (ace-uh) - he's not a very nice person, he thinks that the world is his and he can take whatever he wants from it. harold "herry" - a reclusive boy intimidated by just about everything and everyone. tristan - one of the popular lot, not horrible but not very nice either. A sheep. jude - he's studious and doesn't have much of a social life, is picked on.finn - he's bad with a cheeky smile that allows him to get away with everything.
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    Nova - plain country girl with big dreams (this was my great grandmothers name, I like it a lot)
    Stella - dark haired New Yorker with strong opinions
    vera - I like this name, but I don't know that I have a picture in my head because I don't know anyone with the name. It feels old fashioned to me so I guess I see a twenties flapper

    anya - stately russian woman
    cordelia "cora" - Anne of Green Gables dark haired heroine in a lovely gown
    arabella - kind witch in green robes
    summer - curly haired read-head with a sticky face
    mina - I hear "mean"
    atlanta - Georgia. That's about it. I don't really see it as a name.
    remy - I see the guy on Project Runway named Remi--tall, bald, gay, fashion designer, lol
    marnie - homemade dress and likes to do crafts and read books about settlers
    arizona - the state, tea, songs about Arizona, not a name to me.
    shiloh - I read a book in my teens with a man named Shiloh so that's who I think of--cowboy type.
    teagan - spoiled blonde who plays tennis and yells at her mother a lot.
    savannah - Southern girl
    dakota - Fanning, though it sounds more like a masculine name or not a name at all
    cecilia - bit stuffy, well dressed, tad anal
    addison "addie" - soccer kid
    elsa - chubby rich girl (based on someone I used to know)

    finn - blonde surfer with an easy laugh
    jude - smart dark haired boy with a creative streak
    milo - cute little boy with sad eyes but a nice smile
    jack - athletic and personable
    lucas - bookish kid

    christopher "toph" - emotional but good at making friends
    andrew - normal boy who rarely stands out from the crowd
    jeremy "jem" - class clown
    declan - a deck chair on a lawn
    quentin - this is the name of an IT guy I know so it's hard for me to separate it from him
    casper/caspian "cas"- adventurer
    elliot - chubby boy who likes video games
    ryder - lord of the rings character
    campbell - soup
    valentine - blonde, gets beat up a lot.
    madison "matti" - brunette, gets beat up a lot
    asa (ace-uh) - ass
    harold "herry" - dorky kid with glasses and a snotty nose
    tristan - arrogant teen whose pranks go too far (Gilmore Girls)
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