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    Do you have a check list of types of names to avoid

    like this
    - masculine names for girls. we're girls we want to have a slightly feminine name at least!
    - made up or misspelled names. What's wrong with Adeline instead of Adalyn anyway?
    - too weird- i personally classify some names such as atticus of caesar as this..
    - common names- even slightly common names. I don't go more common then Claudia. but then i'm not 'too' weird either.
    - over the top or sugary- Aurora, Seraphina, Evangelina etc
    - place names or last names-unless your american and this is a traditional(before the 20th century) thing to do then that's ok.
    - names that are objects- apple, willow, opal etc
    - foreign names- i have some french but would only use 1 at the most. my russian and irish names don't make it but it's not just about me i guess..
    - not too pretentious

    I still have quite a long list- 15 girls names that i love. Some of them people in real life may be like what? initially but their definately not too weird.
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    Not really... I guess in my head I have certain "rules" that I try to stick too but if I like a name, I like a name, whether it goes against my rules or not. For example the first two of your rules are the same for me most of the time; and yet I love the name Kacey for a girl. Go figure? Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but I try not to restrict myself to a checklist of "types" to avoid as there are always going to be exceptions.
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    Wow you have a really long list and you really restrict yourself!

    I am pretty open to names. I love names.

    Here is my list I guess:
    -try to stick to the traditional spellings
    -try to stick to names with a nice meaning and history
    -try to avoid names with negative associations
    -try to avoid names that would be easy to tease
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    I have a few of the same rules - no masculine names for girls, keep the traditional spellings, no last names as first names for girls - that's kind of it, except for attempting to be culturally sensitive about certain names (like, I would never use India, Cohen, Gypsy, Dakota)....

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    If I had to make one up on the spot, I guess it'd be:
    - Only use accepted spellings (ex. my cousin is naming her daughter Kora instead of Cora, which is an accepted variation in Russia, apparently - it's also a type of West African string instrument?)
    - Nothing over the top frilly/feminine for girls or macho/masculine for boys, i.e. Seraphina, Elizabella or Wrecker, Butch
    - Nothing that could be embarrassing/offensive (Here's looking at you Mariposa, Cohen, Lester, Jemima, etc.)

    And the others aren't really rules, just things I consider. I think about how teasable the name might be, how it sounds with my last name, and any nicknames that could be used for it that I like or dislike. Also if I can't see myself saying "_____, can you set the table please? It's time to come in and do your homework, ______. ______, I asked you to put your toys away three times already!" all day every day, the name comes off the list.
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