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    Callaway as a first name

    Callaway is a family surname that I've had on my list for a while. I always considered it middle name material, but lately I've seen Calloway/Callaway pop up here and there on the forums. This has me wondering how the berries think it works as a first name. Thoughts?

    ETA: I know Callaway doesn't "go" with the favorites in my signature, but humor me here.
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    If you like it, go for it. Both of my kiddos have surnames for first names. I know a lot of berries think that it is trendy or bad, but I didn't let that stop me.

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    I love Callaway for a boy, and am tickled whenever I hear someone is thinking about using it. Callaway works well as a first name, imo.

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    If it were a family name for me , there is no way I could NOT use it. It is awesome. And it would go great with one of the classics in your signature. Classic and recognizable but very different and not likely to be duplicated. Fabulous!

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    I think Callaway would make an interesting choice in the middle spot for some of the wonderful names in your signature. Even if it was a surname in my own family, it would remind me too much of caraway seeds so I personally wouldn't use it for a first name.


    George Callaway
    Edward Callaway
    Edith Callaway
    Jane Callaway
    All the best,

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