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    Names I think would be best as nicknames for other names
    Maisie- Cute nn for Margaret
    Lottie- Cute nn for Charlotte
    Hattie- I hate the name Harriet, but the nn is okay
    Sofie- Something about this looks incomplete. I think this spelling would be a great nn for Sofia. Otherwise it looks fuller spelled Sophie.

    Nicknames that should be fine on their own
    Sadie- Not many people realize this is a traditional nn for Sarah, so it should be fine
    Molly- This is used on its own constantly
    Sylvie- Seems fine as a full name.
    Tessa- I think this name is full enough. I seem to be in the minority, but I LOVE the name Tessa.

    Julie- In 20 years, this will be an old-lady name. Julia, Juliet, Julianne or Juliana are much more timeless.

    Other than that...
    Eliza- I don't like this name- I think it is just the gorgeous, classic Elizabeth with the -beth chopped off, making it less lovely.
    Zoe- This is nice. I love the Z initial
    Bridget- This name evokes images of Ireland and endless greenery. I like it.
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    Maisie - sweet, but too cutesy for me. I prefer something like Margaret/Margot, nn Maisie.
    Lottie - also too cutesy, but I adore it. I love the idea of Charlotte nn Lola/Lottie.
    Sadie - sweet, but for some reason I don't love it. I can't really pinpoint why.
    Eliza - love it. I just wish it wasn't getting so mainstream. I loved it when I thought it was obscure, and it's just too loved for me anymore.
    Julie - sweet, but I much prefer Julia or Juliet, personally. Julie feels a bit dated to me.
    Tessa - cute. I prefer just Tess, or Theresa nn Tess, but Tessa is sweet.
    Zoe - love it. Love it, love it, love it. It has really sweet sentimental/personal ties for me (one of the first words I learned in the Greek language was 'zoe', which means, of course, life), but I just love its sweet and sprightly sound, too. Plus, I've met this lady (probably late fifties to early sixties) whose name is Zoe and I find it so refreshing on her age group! A lot of people say its too cutesy, but this is one that I don't find to be so. For me I prefer it as a MN but I would love to meet a little Zoe!
    Hattie - again, too cutesy for me. I think it makes a cute nn for Harriet/Henrietta/Hadley, though.
    Sylvie - while I don't find this too cutesy, I still do prefer Sylvia. It just seems more classic to me.
    Bridget - for some reason I can't get behind it, but I do like it. LOVE the nn Bridie.
    Sofie - I generally fluctuate between loving Sofia, and Sophia, and Sophie, but for some reason never Sofie. It looks unbalanced to me, but I sort of like it because it seems sorta funky. Right now I'm in a Sofia kick, so I'm more inclined to like Sofie than I usually would, I think.
    Molly - I wish I could love Molly. It seems to be genuinely liked by a lot of people, but not really overdone. But eh, I know a dog named Molly, but even before that, the first time I heard a baby announcement for a Molly (which is getting close to 20 years ago, when I was still a kid), I instantly disliked it and it's never really improved upon me. It is sweet, and I like Holly and Lolly, but I'm not really a Molly person, sorry. I can appreciate Amalia nn Molly, though.
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    Maisie - Too cutesy for me.
    Lottie - Don't like.
    Sadie - Like!
    Eliza - Like.
    Julie - Not bad.
    Tessa - Like.
    Zoe - Like.
    Hattie - Don't like at all.
    Sylvie - NMS.
    Bridget - Love!
    Sofie - Don't like this spelling. I like Sophie or Sofia but something about Sofie looks weird to me.
    Molly - Love!
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