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    Those are five stunning choices. I can't wait to know what masterpiece you bestow upon your little one when he/she is born!

    I prefer Hespera Belphoebe Arden.

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    Gasp! Circe Olwen Tinuviel?? Otter, that is MAGIC!

    I love both Hespera's, but I love Hespera Roselaine Arden more. The imagery of luscious gardens in the rosy glow of twilight with just those first few brilliant stars twinkling out into the sky is just impossible to resist.

    They're all so unbelievably enchantingly perfect, each one a work of art! You are going to have one lucky baby, Otter dear!
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    Cair Paravel :)
    Congratulations! I love Fiammetta, Morgana, and Illyria for you, but Morgana Waverly Zephyrine is by far my favorite combo. Fiammetta Ophelia Noor is pretty amazing, too, though.

    Good luck!
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    Oooh Ottilie, I can't wait til you make your final decision when baby gets here! I love your girls names, they are always so magical and full of the greatest imagery. You need an army of little girls simply to name them!

    Circe Olwen Tinuviel - If she can't be Fiammetta let her be Circe!!! Absolutely adore this combo of yours!
    Fiammetta Ophelia Noor - This is my absolute love for you!! I adore Fiammetta and hope it's your final choice!!!
    Hespera Roselaine Arden - I would pick this of the two, something about it just speaks to me, it's absolutely lovely.

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    Hespera Roselaine Arden and Fiammetta Ophelia Noor are the standouts for me.

    Fabulous job, ottilie. Your baby is going to have a simply stunning name no matter which you choose in the end!

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