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    Aden Gerard is born.

    My sister and I were pregnant together. It was so much fun. She was ten weeks ahead of me (her second baby, my first). She gave birth last week on Friday. (I am due in May.) We had chosen her son's name together back in September.

    My first name is Dena. My mother gave it to me to honor my grandmother, Edna. (She just switched the E and the D.) My grandmother passed away in June. My sister was very close with her. As such, she chose Aden, another letter twist of my grandmother's name, Edna. At the time, we had no idea how popular Aaden was/is but even after we realized it, my sister was still sold on the beautiful tribute.

    Aden's middle name is Gerard, my father's name. My father had hoped for a boy but my parents were blessed with us, two girls. So in honor of my father never having a namesake, my sister chose Gerard for Aden's middle name.

    Our little Aden Gerard is just the most perfect little angel. He is such a good, sweet, adorable boy.

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    Congratulations to your whole family. I love the story behind Aden's name, it has so much meaning! It's very cool that both your and his names are anagrams of your grandmother's. And I love that his middle name is after your dad as he didn't have a son. The name is full of meaning, and not to mention it is SO handsome!

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    Congratulations! I love how much meaning there is behind your son's name.

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    I read the first sentence and got worried for a second. I interpreted it completely wrong! hahah.

    I love the name! The meaning behind it is lovely too.

    Mum to 4.

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    Congrats on your new nephew & soon to be new baby!

    I love the Anagram of the 2 names - I think it's a super cool way to honor a loved one!
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