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    Lavender Helen - I like this one a lot, it's pretty and I think it ground Lavender very well. This would be my choice.

    Lavender Mae - pretty and simple, not super intriguing but it works.
    Lavender Margaux - I like this one
    Lavender Shaye - interesting
    Lavender Ellen Mae - what about Lavender Mae Ellen or Mae Lynn?
    Lavender Alina - meh, not my favorite
    Lavender Wren - I love the flow, it's just beautiful, but it might be a bit too "Purple Rain"
    Lavender Nora - okay
    Lavender Reese - this sounds like lavendereeze to me.
    Lavender Lyya - I love the flow, but the spelling is odd, it loses it's meaning as Lia or Lya?
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    I think you are right in avoiding LEZ.
    Lavender Ellen Opal [feels like too much to me]
    Lavender Ellen Pearl [like this ok]
    Lavender Ellen Lila [not my style]
    Lavender Lorna Ellen [really pretty... what about Lavender Lorna Irene?]
    Lavender Ellen Irene [this is my fave with two middles]
    Lavender Ellen Mae [very nice, solid pick]

    Lavender Alina [names seem like they are two different naming styles... not great IMO]
    Lavender Wren [a little to cutesy]
    Lavender Lila [too alliterative]
    Lavender Helen [ok]
    Lavender Nora [flow's not great IMO]
    Lavender Reese [very nice]
    Lavender Irie [i kind of love this... really precious, but in a perfect way]
    Lavender Lyya [i really love the way this sounds... maybe one of my faves! could spelling it Lya work?]
    Lavender Nephele [not my favorite... but pretty cool]
    Lavender Anne [the a sounds don't seem to work that well with each other]
    Lavender Irene [Really LOVE]
    Lavender Lorna [LOVE this too]
    Lavender Mae [Pretty, but it is kind of filler-y... but, it sounds great!]
    Lavender Moira [not my fave]
    Lavender Margaux [sounds like it should be margaux lavender if that makes sense... doesn't do it for me]
    Lavender Shaye [This is really pretty and a little bit more unusual than Mae...]

    Some more suggestions:

    Lavender Amery
    Lavender Blythe
    Lavender Colette
    Lavender Lee
    Lavender George
    Lavender Russell
    Lavender Lake
    Lavender Louvenia
    Lavender Lavina
    Lavender Malvina
    Lavender Antonia

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    Thanks so far berries! The insight is really helping!!

    @boyandgirl -- I am definitely 'trying' to stick to a subdued middle to balance Lavender, trying haha, but it's very hard! Anne and Mae feel like the safe choices!

    @balloonsforellie -- For some reason I have been gravitating to the E and L sounds with Lavender, thus Ellen seemingly being perfect! Still back and forth on those initials though!

    @ottilie -- I definitely think Lavender Ellen Irene is my favorite with the double middle, it would honour both of my grandmothers, and myself in a very sweet way. Ellen was my grandmothers middle name, and she was such a strong lady with a big personality that I sadly didn't appreciate when she was still here. I would like to channel her strength into my daughters. As for Irene, it was the first name of the Grandmother I never had the chance to meet. It is also my middle name so that always made me curious about her at a very early age. She was my fathers mother, and passed away when he was very young. I love your analogy of flowery porcelain cups and lace curtains, when I picture Lavender I definitely picture tea parties in the forest, and a kind, free spirited little girl. Lavender Wren is one I have been tossing around for a bit now, I'm just not sure if the two go together in a way that is pleasing, if I think Lavender like the flower, it works better, but if I think Lavender the colour, all I come up with is that purple bird! Lavender Irie is a new love, but only in the do I or don't I phase. As for your suggestion of Lavender Lark, absolutely lovely, but saying it altogether with the last name makes me mispronounce the last name!!

    @blade -- I fundamentally have no problems with the initials LEZ, but the friends (and berries) I have polled on the matter mostly seem to think it's a bad bad idea that will lead to a lot of teasing. I'm not sure how I feel on the matter, but it's probably best to give kids less ammunition in an already bully prone world. Also, I think I listed all the family names that I am currently aware of that could potentially work, Lorraine, which you just listed is my mothers middle name, but I feel it's too long. I had also considered Jane, which I have paired to another combo, which would be to honour my mother Janet. I have an Aunt named Lynn who I'd like to honour, but Lynn also feels very filler when it's in the middle, it also seems to run together often with the first. I love some of your 'fun phonetics', but none feel quite right!

    @kala_way -- Lavender Helen does seem to win a lot of votes with the berry crowd! It may seem silly however, since they are only one consonant different, I just don't love it the way I love Ellen??? Lavender Mae Ellen makes me think Lavender Mae-ella, and feels sort of red-neck hillbilly to me for some reason??? I agree the spelling of Lyya is odd, it's awkward really, but that's how it is spelled where we got it from, not sure how else to spell it to get the proper sound.

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    Lavender Alina is a beautiful name! Your seem to love it, so go with it!

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    Maybe use Maeve instead of Mae to liven it up a tiny bit? Some suggestions!

    Lavender Maeve
    Lavender Chloe
    Lavender Kate
    Lavender Alice
    Lavender Maude

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